Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pierced Ears!

I know, lots of updates today. Bear with me, it was a big weekend.

It's a right of passage to get your ears pierced when you turn 8 in our family. I did it, Alyssa's done it, and now Halle has joined our exclusive club.
Getting the ears ready for the holes.

Ready or not, here we go.

"It stings! It stings!" But not one tear! What a brave kid.

All done! Thanks Aunt Mimi.

Feeling like a new person with her beautiful earrings. Doesn't she look so grown up now?


Wendy said...

She looks FAB! :-) Love it. Congrads on your very special birthday, Halle.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

You have had a big weekend! And that spa party looks like so much fun. Love the hair dos.

My girls both got thier ears done when they were three. But their ears are so sensitive, it's hard to find earrings that won't irritate them.

Anonymous said...

I would recognize those sinks anywhere. You must have gone to Carlisle bueaty to get her ears peirced. I used to work there when I lived in I.F. My almost eight year old still hasn't gotten brave enough to get it done.

Elise said...

That is such a cool tradition! Halle looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that 'pierced ear day' finally came. I hope that it was worth the wait. You look beautiful, Halle.

Mama Williams said...

Carter looks like he enjoyed watching his sister go through that. :)

Lee Ann said...

How fun! I loved reading every word and getting to know her better....and I ALWAYS love a birth story! You are so creative with those parties! Can I hire you?

Happy Birthday Halle.

Miki said...

Look at that Carter watching with intent in the background! lol...oh, what a "very experienced with women" young man he will become! He's got no chance with two older sisters, and one beneath him. His wife will be very glad that he "gets her", that she loves her pretty, pretty earrings.

Congratulations Halle! I couldn't bare to do it until I was 18! 18 I say! You beat me by ten years, AND you belong to THEE best club, the "I got my ears pierced when I was eight with your mom and sister" club. Cool. Congrats Halle, and good job on being so brave.

Jennifer P. said...

I thought that looked like a family member doing the piercing ;)!

8 is the PERFECT age to pierce a girls ears---shows she's ready to start making decisions for herself :)!


(We've been on vacation or I would have posted that sooner!!!)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

What a brave girls and I loved the party idea, so fun. I have something for you over at my site.:>

Jewelle said...

What grownup girl! Getting your ears pierced is soooo exciting!

Check out my "other"blog for an award.

Jennifer Jamison said...

Wow! Nice job Halle! My sweet one is still way too frightened of the potential pain involved. :) Who knows --- maybe she'll settle for "clip-ons" the rest of her life!!

LouandAngela said...

How fun! I think 8 is when I'll let Emma get her ears pierced. She was asking me just the other day if she could have earrings. Boy, was I tempted, but she has no idea what she's asking for. So. . .I'll have to wait!

She looks great with her new earrings! Aunt Mimi looks cute too!! How fun to have her aunty do it for her.