Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who was the idiot?

The following story in no way embarrassed me. (It takes a lot more than a 5 year old child to do that.) But it did get me thinking.

Who was the idiot that thought of putting clear glass doors on showers? I for one, have NO desire to see someone doing their personal hygiene routine and sure as heck don't want somebody to see me. And not only that, I don't want to look out of the glass to the GIANT bathroom mirror and see myself either. I would much rather be in a completely enclosed cave with LOTS of lights that show me all my flaws and hairiness, than have the natural sunlight shining through for everyone's viewing pleasure. And don't even get me started on the cleaning of the hard water deposits.

Today I was showering away and shaving my legs, (Which we all know does NOT look glamorous like in the t.v. commercials. It's more like watching a contortionist squeeze himself into a tiny glass cube.) when my 5 year old niece walked in to tell me there was a problem with the wii. Luckily I was in one of those contortionist poses with all my goods hidden, but I just thought to myself, "I HATE this glass door!" (Hopefully I haven't scarred my niece for life.) And lest any of you think, "Why wasn't the bathroom door locked?" Well, it was. I have a stinking faulty lock that works 80% of the time and the other 20% tricks me into thinking it's locked.

As you can tell, I have no more pride. Motherhood took that from me rather quickly. Guess I'll just stop cleaning the door all together and in time, it will be non-see-through and I won't have to worry anymore.


Lee Ann said...

Ok, I missed half the story because I'm fixated on the picture. Is that really YOUR shower? If it is, please do tell how you clean it. I have a white tile shower with glass doors as well, and no I was not the idiot who did that. I think men do that. My next home will not have one single tile in it if I can help it. I hate tile!....and glass doors. Oh and I also have a faulty lock. Do we live in the same house?

The Manwaring Family said...

You are so FUNNY!!! Sounds like your future will be getting a new lock for you door!

Emily said...

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Elena! I am so with you on this one. In our first house our glass shower door faced a GIANT mirror and I was so embrassed every time I showered, I couldn't even look at it. Have you thought about frosting your glass with that spray??

Here's to shower curtians!

Jennifer P. said...

I was just going to suggest what Emily did--spray-on window frost. The permanent kind--not the kind you write Merry X-mas with in December :). There are also these great films that look like stained glass and the like that you can purchase at Home Depot. If you put it up on the outside of the door, I bet it would hold up fine with the water.

See, you just wanted to tell us about your traumatic experience---and all I can think of is how to fix your shower door :)! We've got a crystalized, mottled kind of glass for our doors, so it's kind of a blur of a person behind them.

And about the music. I remember downloading instructions about how to put it on from....somewhere. Everytime I want to add more music, I go to the project playlist site: Hopefully there will be instructions there about how to get the player and put it all up.

AND--has Jarom talked to you about going to the cabin in March? Just wondering---if it's all a go, we need to get our spot reserved. It's a pretty happening cabin in our family!

Miki said...

We need more women architects for bathrooms! I mean, I think they’re getting better (the bathrooms), but we would design self cleaning showers (heck, why not self cleaning bathrooms in their entirety), along with “no accidents” toilets where our men friends and our little boy children can’t possibly miss (what kind of embarrassing images come to your mind?). Sorry, that was not intended. What was intended was, “I AGREE!” stupid shower with hard to clean tile and see through glass just need to leave us be! Let us have our caves! Onward with complaining Elena, onward!

Anonymous said...

OH I SOOO wish it were mine, Lee Ann. (However, mine IS full of complete white tile just like this. But not nearly as clean.) No, my camera is broken so this just some image from the web. And I couldn't agree more on the tile issue. In fact when when finished our basement people thought I was crazy cause I asked for linoleum in my bathroom and good ol' fiberglass tub. I HATE tile too!!

Emily and Jennifer-I have thought about frosting it, just haven't had a clue how to start that project. Maybe I'll get a little more serious about it now.

Jennifer-Yes Jarom said something about going to the cabin. Sounds like a blast to me. Just let me know the dates and we'll work out the details. Jarom will only be able to do a weekend though as he will be spending the entire month of March in Boise.

Miki-YES!! Self cleaning PLEASE!!! I have been tempted to try those self-clean shower things but haven't done it yet. I wonder if they really work?

becky ward said...

I love the comment about the "tiny glass cube"! You crack me up!

Mama Williams said...

Ok Elena I am taggin you to "think differently" about your shower. I have the same glass doors and their is an upside to me for details. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jules, but I'm afraid I'll never like my glass doors. I've hated them since I was a little kid.

LouandAngela said...

Elena, you crack me up! I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks! I have the same problem! Never made sense to me either. I'm curious to know what the upside to them is (according to Julie)?