Monday, January 07, 2008

I made it.

WHEW!!! Did I actually make it through December, New Year's, and the first Sunday of the new year in primary? This past 3 weeks has felt like one giant whirlwind with no end in sight. I think it's finally over now and some relaxation and laziness are due.

Besides dealing with mountainous piles of primary paperwork this past weekend, Alyssa, Halle, and I all got the stomach flu. It was awful. Thankfully Alyssa is now old enough to empty her own bucket into the toilet, and Halle NEVER misses the toilet (she would run up BOTH flights of stairs to throw up in the kids bathroom) so that made it a bit easier on Jarom. As you all know he does NOT deal with throw up.

Anyway, we're all feeling much better now. My friend Jennifer P. posted a hilarious video that all you moms HAVE to go watch. I laughed so hard, my sides hurt. So enjoy and be sure to leave her a comment, she loves to know who's peeking in at her. :)


Jennifer P. said...

Sorry to hear about the stomach flu! We've had it here as well. In addition to making the kids lay down on an old shower curtain, we line a garbage can with a couple of Wal Mart bags, then just throw the puke away. Neither Brad nor I deal well with throw up either--our poor kids :)! Hope you're feeling better and stay better too!

Thanks for the shout out. I think it's every parent's duty to watch that video and laugh their heads off at what they've become :)!

Mama Williams said...

I saw that video on T.V. We think it's too true and funny. They forgot crayons though. We have lots of those and catsup packets. Sorry you were sympathies! You know I mean it!

lee ann said...

Oh I'm so sorry you guys were all sick. What a pain! Hooray for Halle though - two flights of stairs is impressive...and that's from the queen of puking herself!

Glad you're all on the mend and that you got all the paperwork done as well.

Emily said...

Don't you just love primary!?

Sorry about the stomach flu, that's so yuck. My Josh throws up at least once a month from sickness, gagging reflex, or dry throat. He's the reason I bought a carpet cleaner.

That video is funny. Gotta love it!

Brynne, Aaron and Cade said...

Hi! This is Brynne, Miki's friend. She said she told you about me and gave me your address as well. I can't help but wonder if you know a Michelle Ross? Her boy had his first day of Primary this last Sunday and got to wear an "I Am a Child of God" crown as well. She's in the primary Presidency so if she were in your ward, you'd definitely know her! Let me know! And you have a beautiful family, by the way. they look like so much fun!

Elena said...

Brynne- Hello! No, I don't know any Ross's. Sorry, but if I did I'd say hi. Thanks for the comments. :)

Elise said...

Being sick is so crappy--especially right after the holidays! Jarom is lucky to have you!

Gordon is now in Senior Nursery, which he is quite excited about. I think he might be the naughty child, though, because the nursery leaders are always giving me these undecipherable comments like, "He sure has a lot of personality, doesn't he?" Is that good or bad?