Thursday, January 24, 2008

4 Things

All right, I am taking Jennifer's tag since I still have no new pictures to put up. (And I like to do a tag once in a while. They make me reflect a bit about myself, and you all know, I am narcissistic.)

4 jobs I've had:
1- My first official paid job, was as a house cleaner for a neighbor. I would go there a few times a week and vacuum, dust, do dishes, and clean her bathroom. (I think this is probably the most hilarious job ever for to me have held. I do not enjoy cleaning; I SOOO wish I did, but I just don't.)

2- When I could finally drive I got a job at a place called United Micro Data where we put companies' paper records on to micro-film. I transferred with that small company to Boise and held that job until I got pregnant with Alyssa. (Ammonia is used to develop the film and to this day the smell of ammonia makes me dry-heave.)

3- I taught piano lessons off and on from the time I was 14 years old. I got a little more serious about it after I graduated from college, but when we moved back to I.F. I quit. I claim to be teaching my own children, but I am so BAD about it. It makes me sick when I think about it. (Note to self: Give girls lessons today!!)

4- When we were first married, Jarom and I were midnight janitors for several buildings. We cleaned a dentist office, several car dealerships, a psychiatrist office, and a big machine office building. (Again, I just about loathed this job, but it kept food on our table.) I must admit, that after I got pregnant with Alyssa, poor Jarom did a lot of these buildings by himself.

4 movies I could watch over and over again:
1- Gone With the Wind (LOVE Scarlett O'Hara)

2- Father of the Bride (the second is my favorite, but I love them both)

3- Meet the Parents

4- Shrek (the first one) I think it is so hilarious and I love the music.

4 people I email daily:
Hmmm... do people really still use email? Mostly I instant message Jarom, and any of you that are online the same time as me. And of course communicate through comments on blogs. And let's not forget the phone line. ( I love to chat with friends while I clean. It takes the drudgery away.)

And I do email my mom pretty regularly.

4 favorite things to eat:
This will be tough as I really do LOVE to eat just about anything (as long as it didn't come out of a lake or the sea)
1- Chocolate desserts of any kind. (But not a plain chocolate candy bar, it has to have nuts of toffee or something good in it.)

2- Deep dish pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut (Yes, I love all that greasy goodness!) Jarom worked there as a kid and refuses to eat the deep dish. He says he's seen how it's made and he just can't stomach it, but I love to be able to smack my lips together after finishing a piece and feel like I just put lip balm on. Mmmmm...

3- When I am pregnant (which I am NOT) I LOVE to eat Sonic's ice. Those little soft pellets are to die for. I used to go through the drive through and order nothing but a 440z. cup of ice. I am sure they thought I was crazy, but I didn't care. (I have recently found out that you can buy the ice by the bag from them. Wish I would have known that little tid-bit a couple of years ago.)

4- Bread. I love good bread. Thick, chewy bread makes the best toast!

4 places I'd rather be: (assuming that home isn't the best place on the planet)
1- Hawaii- Oh how I miss your laid back style, your warm water, perfect temperature, sweet smell, I could go on and on.

2- Snuggled in my bed with a great movie on the t.v. and a great read in my hands.

3- Traveling the world with all my kids and my hubby and a permanent nanny by my side at all times.

4- At the spa getting a full body massage.

4 places I've lived:
1- Idaho Falls, ID

2- Boise, ID

3- Nampa, ID

4- Idaho Falls, ID
So to sum it all up, I've never left Idaho. It's been an exciting life.

4 things I look forward to this year:
1- Going camping with my family

2- Maybe taking my kids to Disneyland

3- Visiting with friends who live far away and who might come visit me. (HINT HINT!)

4- Planting a garden. (I say that every year, and so far I've actually gone through with it twice.)

Now tag, tag, tag, you're all it!


Jennifer P. said...

Ah, I just love reading through self-reflecting tags! I don't think we'd remember to write down seemingly mundane things like that about ourselves if we weren't asked to--and our kids will probably get a big kick out of reading things like that one day.

I hear ya about the Sonic ice. The only other place I know that has ice that good is the hospital!

Thanks for sharing---but I forgot a part of the tag--it was "4 places I've lived". Oops! If anyone else wants to take the tag, they might want to include those. Mine would have only been Idaho, Idaho, barely in Oregon, and back to Idaho!

Mama Williams said...

OOOoooo I do like this tag. I learned some new things about you and it made me think.
I'd love to come visit you, plant a garden with ya, eat chocolate with ya, watch Gone with the Wind- my fav. too and Hawaii is my goal for our 15th wedding anniversary.

Elena said...

There, I added my 4 places of living. It wasn't very exciting information, but it's on there now for the next person. Maybe they'll have more excitement to talk about. :)

becky ward said...

I love your first job! Too funny.

Miki said...

These tage make me sad and happy all at once. Sad, because I always want to do them and can't seem to come up with information fast enough. I'm a deeeeep thinker and need some time! My answers HAVE to be perfect. Now that I've said that, maybe I can join in the fun as long as I put a HUGE disclaimer at the top, "I get to change my mind if I come up with something better later!".

Okay, and obviously happy because I get to read everybody's cool ideas and thoughts. How fun! Thanks Elena. I still picture you driving that bucket load of kids going full speed in that tractor thingy from the last tag. That image comes to mind from time to time and I say to myself, "SLOW DOWN ELENA!" every time!

Elena said...

Jennifer- I forgot to say that our hospital here has FLAVORED ice chips. Such a labor luxury!

Julie- Eating chocolate and watching Gone With the Wind sounds so fun. Too bad we're not closer.

Becky- Yeah, sure doesn't fit me does it?

MIki- I laugh everytime I hear from you. Don't make your answers perfect, there will be more tags to add on, I promise! LOL!

Elise said...

Fun! I LOVE Sonic Ice! They have it at Costa Vida, too. Mmm!

I loved reading all of these-- I love Hawaii, too! I wish I could teleport there right this minute.