Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't judge this recipe by it's picture!

What better way to warm up on a freezing cold day, than with a hot bowl of yummy soup? And better yet, easy, less than 30 minutes to make soup! I made one of our favorites yesterday; we call it Grandma's Soup. I have no idea where the name came from. It's one of Jarom's mom's recipes and I thought I would share it with you all since its so easy. Plus, it's packed full of veggies and my kids eat it (so hopefully your's will too).

I tried to take a nice picture of it, but as you can see, my camera almost makes it look nasty.

Anyone for carrot orange/red soup and cookies?

How about a colorless meal? (Now doesn't that just look downright appetizing?)

This is the best shot I could get, so just pretend it's beautiful.

Anyway, here is the recipe.

1 lb browned hamburger (I like to season mine with salt & pepper and minced onions. And I like to use 93/7 so there's no fat to drain.) Once it's cooked add the following:
2 cans tomato soup with rice
2 cans water
1 jar of traditional flavored spaghetti sauce
1 bag of frozen veggies (sometimes I add an extra can of corn just because we like it)

Let it come to a boil to heat the veggies. That's it; it's done! Serve with slices of cheddar cheese and crackers. And don't forget to follow it up with a chocolate chip cookie or two. ;)

Hope you enjoy!


Jennifer P. said...

Well--first of all I was laughing so hard over all the pictures. Poor camera! You really have no future in the food styling/photographing business until you get a new one :)...

That soup sounds like just the thing to eat for dinner tonight. Spaghetti sauce in a strange! Yet I bet it would be great and kind of sweet. I hate when I see the ingredient "can of tomatoes" in a soup recipe, becuase I know I'll be picking around big chunks of tomatoes (and I think you might know how I feel about any tomato not pulverized into a sauce!!!).

Thank you so much for sharing. Send ME some of those cookies sometime :)!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'll ever have a future in food photography even with a new camera. :)

LouandAngela said...

Hey! Thanks for sharing! I love quick and easy recipes. I just might have to try that this week. Actually, I thought your last picture turned out pretty good. And yes, the cookies look like icing on the cake!! Yummy!!

Miki said...

You know I take any recipe I can find from good friends! Thank you! Yes, I printed it off!

Miki said...

I so wish I liked to cook....

Elise said...

Mmmm... that soup sounds tasty and cozy. It's definitely soup weather. It's too dang cold outside!