Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bitter Sweet

I can't end today, without posting about the loss of our dear Prophet Gordon B Hinckley. (Which I am sure will be on every LDS blog in the morning.) I am so sad about his death because I loved and admired him so much. But I am grateful that his old and ailing body no longer cumbers him, and that he has been reunited with his beloved wife.

My mom called tonight to tell us that he had passed away, and I announced it to my family. There was an audible gasp from my kids and then Halle immediately started sobbing. I asked her if she was crying because she was sad or because she was scared. (I've never seen her react like this before.) And she said, "Because I really liked him." It was so sweet and precious.

He was definitely a soul who left a lasting impression on everyone, even the little children. We will miss him dearly in our home.


Jennifer P. said...

Yes, I have my post up too. I was actually looking at your lost pix post when a message called "our dear prophet" popped up--and I just knew. We got the same reaction from Ethan that you got from Halle. Most of the time when a prophet dies of old age, he's been out of commision for a while--but Pres. Hickley has just kept going and going and going! (My kids called him the Energizer Bunny!).

Truly sad and happy at the same time.

Dawnyel said...

I have this posted too....guess you were right!
How sweet that Halle've got a tender-hearted girl there! :)
He will definitely be missed!

Miki said...

Elena, so sweet (the post). Yes, you're sweet too........Anyway, mutual feeling.

Elise said...

Halle is so sweet! She has a really strong connection to her spiritual side.

I love reading all of the tributes-- it has been really inspiring!

Also, I love your new blog look-- those pictures of the girls are priceless!

becky ward said...

Precious Halle! I love that picture of him. So sad that he is gone.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

So sweet! We will all miss him and remember him so fondly!!!