Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Want to Rock and Roll All Night!

The party lasted until 4 AM!!!!! The good news is that most of the kids stayed up just as long, the bad news is, Kate went to bed at 8 pm. (But she came and cuddled with me in the bed and I got to sleep until 9.) What a fun time we had.

The night started early with an adult dinner at The Sandpiper, where I got brave and ordered something with crab. (HUGE step for me, I DON'T eat things out of water.) It was actually pretty good, but I couldn't finish it all (it was all mental and I know it, but at least I tried).

After dinner, we headed over to the theater to watch National Treasure 2, and then it was back to the house full of kids to party. Here are the highlights.

Becky rockin' it on Guitar Hero! (I am sure she'll have more pictures from the evening on her blog.)

Fun times!

Fun Family! Carter and Ogden
Amber and Kaylin

Food, food....
and more food! (I think I still feel sick from eating it all.)

Who needs a mouth? Noses work great!

Chug! Chug ! Chug! (Good ol' Martinelli's, can't pass it up on New Year's Eve.)

Happy New Year everyone!!!!! I wish you all (and myself) the best luck at trying to accomplish those resolutions.


Mama Williams said...

Happy New Year to you! Love the new look of your blog!

Jennifer P. said...

LOVE the bright new look and the effects on the photos! The party looks like it was a blast! Hope you guys got some good naps today!!! I have to know, did your inlaws stay up till 4 am playing guitar hero too?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the inlaws stayed all night. We had a guitar hero playoff. It was so fun and we also played a few other board games too.

Anonymous said...

The last picture looks like you and Jarom have had a little too much martinelli's.

Don't know if I am a fan of the psychodelic picture colors. Quin

Anonymous said...

Who asked you anyway? :)

Jonathan & Rachel said...

What a fun New Year's! I love all night parties!!

Emily said...

Happy New Year! Glad someone rang it in with some fun!

Elise said...

YAY for you for eating crab. What a brave girl. Now you can try my kick-A crab artichoke dip. Yummy!

I love these pictures-- they just add to the festivity of the post! What an awesome party!!! I have to say that my favorite picture is Carter chugging the Martinelli's, but you and Jarom are cute too! :)

becky ward said...

Cute post! What a great party!

Miki said...

Elena, you are so much fun. I wish I lived there so I could come! What a blast.