Monday, January 14, 2008

Mysterious Images

I love to see what images appear on my camera after my kids have secretly taken it from me. Usually it's shots of me doing random, mundane, housewife things. And always of my backside.

A lot of the times, they are great nasal shots or odd body part shots of the mysterious camera taker(s).

And sometimes I get gems like these:

I know this one is really dark, so incase you can't tell what is going on, Halle is HANGING and SWINGING from the banister and falls down the stairs. They probably kept the lights off so I wouldn't know what they were doing. The things they do when I am not looking!

Oh to be 9 again and not have a care in the world, but dreaming of being Hannah Montana!


Stephanie ODea said...

I'm still dreaming of being Hannah Montana, too!
She is beautiful. What a happy girl.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for the link!

Elena said...

Hi Steph, yes I finally got tired of clicking on Jennifer's site to get to you. So I just added you to my own links. Thanks.

becky ward said...

WOW! Halle's eyes are so blue and big in that picture! And, I love that Alyssa set the cmera up to record her dancing. Hillarious! What an actress!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

OH my HECK! There are so many things that I love about this post that I don't even know where to start!! First of all-I also love to see what is on my camera after the kids have had it-usually very similar to the ones on yours! I also LOVE the toe shot-so sweet. I was laughing so hard at the video of the banister-even though it was dark-the commentary was priceless! My favorite however was of course Allysa dancing while cleaning her room-I laughed so hard! I especially laughed when Kate walked into the room just as she threw the shoe and Kate just hit the floor-but didn't seem to care in the least bit! It makes me realize hoe much fun it will be when Ally gets older-something I often dread!! What fun, happy kids you have!!

Mama Williams said...

Great stuff! The toes-a gem indeed. I love the Johnny came in barking and Kate had no pants on. This is real life my friend...the best of it.

Anonymous said...

Becky-Yeah, Halle's eyes looked about like mine did in that picture of you and me and Elise. :)

Rachel-I am so glad you saw all of things that I laugh my head off about too. Especially Kate falling. SO funny!

Julie- You said, real life for sure!

Jennifer P. said...

Everyone said just what I wanted to! Kids taking pictures of our behinds--universal. The video of Alyssa was the funniest thing! Did she learn those smooth dance moves from you or Jarom? Then Johnny comes in and barks just for the heck of it, because (as I've heard) that's just what Johnny does! Kate with no pants biffing it on the shoe. The vaccum just sitting by itself in the hall. HILARIOUS I tell you! Again, I have no idea why you think you have nothing to post about from time to time. Your life is PRICELESS :)!

Miki said...

Elena! I was laughing so loud at little Kate falling down! My son kept saying, "mommy, I can't hear the T.V." Oh, I am still laughing just to think of it. That was classic. The whole blog was enough to make me smile a whole week. The feet, Halle, the dog coming in to investigate the noise, just too fun. Thanks for sharing!

LouandAngela said...

AH. . .proof of your hard work as a mom (in the kitchen, vacuuming, etc!). I'm not so nice to let my kids use my camera. I'm sure it would interesting here. Fun videos! :)