Tuesday, January 08, 2008

8 things that drive me CRAZY!

So, I've been tagged. (And it's actually a pretty good thing since I don't have a lot to blog about.) I am supposed to list 8 things that drive me crazy, so here goes. This is actually kind of hard for me, some things that are at the top of my list are NOT blog appropriate and then I can't remember other things. I know I say, "That drives me CRAZY!" all of the time, but when I sit down to think of what those things are, I just can't remember.

1. Not remembering things! (Post children, this problem has increased dramatically.)

2. Slow, old people drivers who take their half of the road out of the middle.

3. When people don't return my emails or phone calls.

4. Know-it-alls who give unwanted advice. (Although sometimes I find myself doing this very thing and then I just cringe.)

5. Seat belts that tighten just when you need to bend and reach for something.

6. WalMart (Just click on that and everything already said is exactly how I feel.)

7. Laundry & dirty dishes (They just NEVER go away no matter how hard I try.)

8. The smell of urine or throw-up. These will never go away no matter how much you scrub. (Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.) Oh--and stinky shoes too.

Now I am tagging Becky, Elise, and Rachel. Have fun guys, and I can't wait to read your lists.


Jennifer P. said...

Oh I hate the no phone call returning thing and the seat belt thing too. Of course I can't agree with your know-it-alls who give unsolicited advice, cause I AM ONE :)!!! And as for the scent of vomit and urine--our house (especially the boys bathroom) is so littered with plug-in scents and automatic air freshners that it smells like the Bath and Body Works. I say just MASK that scent with whatever you can! (and you ASKED for that advice!!!)

Great list!!!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer- I have never considered you a know-it-all, so your advice is always welcome. :) I'm talking about those people who actually make up facts (which aren't true at all) to tell you how do things. You know the type? And yes, the masking of smell is the best ammo I've got right now. The new Fabreeze plug-in things are actually pretty good at hiding the stink, but they don't have very many good scents to choose from.

Emily said...

Hahaha! I guess stinky kid pee bathrooms is a wide spread problem! I have worked and worked to fix this... I just have to do a bleach soak and an all over cleaning every few days... but like anything else, it always comes back!

Elise said...

I am a total know-it-all. I can even hear my inner voice yelling "SHUT UP!!" as I'm giving the unsolicited advice, but I usually just keep going. Because, you know, everyone wants to know what I have to say! Ha ha!

Shoes from Land's End are great for stinky feet (I'm sure I've told you this before as I could practically be a walking commercial for their kids' shoes) but I am at a loss for the other smelly stuff... I think it comes with having males live in your house.

I have pretty much boycotted WalMart for the very reasons you and Jennifer mentioned. Actually, I agree with all of your stuff-- and I kind of want to know the "not appropriate" stuff too! :)

Elena said...

Elise- Maybe on one of our traditional dessert nights you can hear the other stuff. :) (You've probably heard a lot of it anyway.) And I have GOT to get some of those LAnd's End Shoes!!! Also, unfortunately, I wish it were only men that stink, but my girls are stinky too.

Elena said...

Oh, and Emily, I didn't mean to leave you out. (You're amazing at responding to everyone on you blog. I love it!) Good ol' bleach, great stuff isn't it?!

becky ward said...

I better start thinking! And I want to hear your "not appropriate" stuff too.