Monday, January 21, 2008

Rexburg Temple Open House

*Not a current picture of the temple or else you would see 3 feet of snow on the ground.
Tonight we took our kids to see the newly finished Rexburg temple. (Anyone can go through an LDS temple before they are officially dedicated.) Right when we started the tour, Kate said she needed to go potty. Well, there wasn't a spot where we could stop for her to go. (The tour would have left us behind.) So I told her to keep holding it and she did. She told me 2 more times that she needed to go and we were SOOO close to being done. Seriously, I stepped probably 5 feet out the door and she peed all over me. It ran clear down my front and into my shoe. Poor little girl, she tried so hard. I was grateful she waited until we were outside of the temple, I would have been SOOOOO embarrassed had she done it inside. (We even had to wear protective booties on our feet so the carpets wouldn't get dirty. Can you imagine what they would have thought had someone peed on the floor?!) Not to mention the fact that we were in Antarctica, oh wait, it was just Rexburg. Wet legs and bodies don't feel great in the freezing, frigid air. When we drove home (at 8 pm) the thermometer in our car read MINUS 15 at one point. It warmed up to Zero by the time we reached our neighborhood. (Sadly the heat wave has come and gone. It is now (10:30 pm) 11 below zero. Now that's some crisp air!)

After we went through the temple (which was very beautiful inside), we went to my brother's home for dinner. While we were there I had this TERRIBLE thought that I had forgotten to let my dog in the house before we left. (Remember the frigid air?) I had visions of finding a dead, frozen dog when I got home. I was so worried about it that I called a neighbor and made her go ring my doorbell to see if he would bark. Sure enough, he was in there, and all was well. (Well, well for me and the kids; Jarom wouldn't have minded the other outcome.)

So that was our event of the day. Full of excitement as always. Tomorrow I think we'll be making a doctor's visit for Kate's cough and ears. Oh, AND, when we got home, Carter threw-up. (I think he just coughed too hard.) How's that for the cherry on top? I love my life. (And I really do mean that.)


Natalie and Quin said...

Man, I thought it sounded like a great story, until Johnny was found unfrozen in the house (I have been informed that this is an awful thing to type). I do actually like the dog.

Poor Kate. Although it would have made an awesome story for the future that she had christened it.

As for your weather, you can keep it up there. Right now it is a frigid positive 48 out on our patio.

Jennifer P. said...

I think only your very interesting children could turn going to a temple open house into an interesting experience :)! Too funny! It is a good think Kate didn't tinkle in the temple--and really that Carter didn't throw up there!

-2 here. Worse yet it's all bright and sunny so you THINK it's warm. It better be all spring like by March!

Elena said...

Jennifer- Yes I am hoping for some GREAT Boise weather when we go to the cabin. (Of course we'll be in McCall so it will probably still feel like Anartica. But just to drive through a little warmth will be nice.)

Emily said...

Oh Brrrrrrrrrrrr... this is why I haver never lived in REAL cold. It's in the 40's outside today and I am thinking THAT is cold! Sending warm thoughts your way! Have some hot cocoa!

SO GLAD FOR YOU that the pee stayed outside. ;) Even if it was on you! Why is it that kids ALWAYS have to go potty at the worst times? Poor little bladders!

Lee Ann said...

And everyone freaks out here when it's in the 20's! I think you are in Antarctica.

Oh man, I'm so glad she didn't pee in there! I think I would have died.

LouandAngela said...

Hey, I guess I'm glad Emma isn't potty trained yet! :) There are some positives to diapers! Actually, dare I mention that she has taken after her brothers and takes any chance she can to "poo paint"? Yep, I love my life too. I do have a peep hole in her door, so during her naptimes, I have to check on her often until she falls asleep. Anyway. . sorry, didn't mean for this to be about me and my favorite motherhood stories.

Sounds like you had an interesting time in the temple. Wish I could go.

Sorry to hear about Carter throwing up, but if he's like my boys, he probably DID just cough too hard. We have the same problem here.

Enjoy your kids at home today! :)

Elena said...

Nat- Yes, I know your feelings and JArom's are about equal when it comes to the poor dog. And enjoy that balmy beach weather you've got going on!

Jennifer- I can't believe it's that cold there. It seriously blows my mind the weather you've gotten.

Emily-Yes, like I've said before, kids always keep us humble. Thanks for the warm thoughts!

Lee Ann- Isn't it funny what our bodies become accustomed too?

Angela- You can tell me your stories any time. I love to hear I am not alone in my misery. :) (I am sure everyone else does too.) Did I ever tell you the time Carter poo-painted the fridge door when the babysitter was here? The poor girl never babysat for us again!

Miki said...

Elena! Even at the temple we can't rest from mommydom! Good job Kate for making it to the outside! What a relief......literally! Sorry it was done all over you!

Too funny.

Miki said...

.......and not funny at all (I know).

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Oh dear!! Poor's times like that I really wish that my kids had never been potty trained!! I can't believe how cold it is there!