Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kid stuff

I swear I am NEVER buying Oreo cookies again! :) Carter found them, cut the package open with scissors, and so generously handed them out to all the kids. Oreos were EVERYWHERE in my house!

Carter and Kate were coloring together in Carter's train tent. It doesn't matter if it's set up or not, they still love a "fort" to play in. It was so adoreable. Of course as soon as they saw me with the camera they quit coloring and had to pose.

This is my kids' favorite new place to play. They pretend like they are hamsters and the shower is their "glass cage." (I didn't get the best shot of ALL of them in it with blankets and pillows.) It's great because they can make all the mess they want and all I have to do is wash it down the drain. (By the way, Kate's naked because she had just splashed in the toilet, her other favorite place to play arghhhhh..., and had gotten soaked.)


becky ward said...

These pictures are great. What an imagination your kids have...a hamster cage? (: I love the one of them in coloring together. Cute!

LouandAngela said...

OH, I'd hate Oreos too! Don't you love it that Kate can "play" with the big kids now? I love watching Emma play with her big brothers. It's so cute! I love how creatively your kids play!