Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dinner in Dalian...UGHHHH!

Dinner at one of the finest Sea-food restaraunts in Dalian.

To my American, land-locked, non sea-food eating self, these pictures are about enough to make me ralph. Carter thinks they are worms. I can't believe Jarom did it!!!!!

All I can say is, "Jarom, I don't ever want to hear you complain about broccoli again!" :)

Lobster (Carter says, "Ooo! Hamster! It's crap foo mom!" He meant lobster and crab food. It was too funny.)

Some kind of fish.

I'm not sure what this is. This is the one Carter affectionately calls worms.

Way to go ladies!! Check out Jarom's face in the background! Hilarious!

"I surrender!" (The sea-urchin won.) He said he took one bite and started dry-heaving. (That's the Jarom I know.)


Becky & Kevin Ward said...

My stomach hurts just thinking about the food. I wonder if the smell was tolerable? I am very impressed that Jarom tried it.

Elise said...

Chris would love this-- he loves eating freaky seafood. Jarom's a good sport for trying it-- I'd be passing on most of this stuff!

alyssa said...

I cant beleve that Dad ate all that stuff . Love : Alyssa

alyssa said...

I cant beleve that Dad ate all that stuff . Love : Alyssa

Lou & Angela Harris Family said...

ALARMING! :) Yeah, that's why I never considered going on a mission! YIKES!! I'm impressed Jarom!! I probably would have drunk a gallon of water to send it all down! :)

Anonymous said...

So far in the past... your "worms" are squilla. I know this from my own time in China. Doing a long one away from the kids in another part of the world now- I can really empathize.