Wednesday, January 17, 2007

India continued...

Jarom sent me MANY pictures from India. I am slowly going through them picking some of my favorites to post. There are so many neat ones it is hard to choose. He is trying to give me names and explanations of things, but I get so confused, so I will do my best again at guessing. I am sure he'll correct it if it is wrong.
Look at this beautiful place.
--Outside the gates at Mysore Palace -- this is the current residence of the King of the state of Karnataka - one of 27 Indian states.

Bangalore Palace - the former residence of the same king. This palace is only used for ceremonial purposes now. They were preparing for a wedding while we were there so apparently - it can be rented for commercial purposes

Cows wander the streets just like in the movies! With the cows wandering the streets like that - there are sometimes accidents with traffic. If a car actually HITS a cow - it usually results in a riot where the driver is severely punished by an unruly crowd. They were cautioned that if they were to be near when an accident like that occurred - they should leave IMMEDIATELY. Indians take their sacred symbols very seriously here.

This is actually a Hindu temple called Chamundeshwari set at the top of a "mountain" (about 3000 meters high). The mountain is one of the 8 "Holy" mountains of India. The vendors were selling offerings for the temple - along with snacks (coconuts, etc) and touristy stuff.

This is the view from his hotel. Yes, those are homes. Sad isn't it.

Monkeys roam everywhere. The naughty one below snuck into a parked bus and stole somebody's lunch.

Proof that Jarom really is there! This is the same mosque as in the post from the 15th. They are school boys in session. Most of them are orphans and are given room and board if they attend the school. I LOVE the old man's expression!

This is a Hindu temple in a town called Srirangapatna - it's a very old town and a few blocks from the Mosque. Amazing architecture isn't it?!

Thank you to Ronna for describing the pictures! (She's a woman and understands we like details.)


Unknown said...

Good job, Elena!! What a fun site - I came to see the pictures of India, but liked Alyssa's movies just as much as I liked seeing the HP crew in India. What an awesome way to keep Jarom in the birthday loop. Your new house looks lovely!

Pam Twilegar