Monday, January 01, 2007

Kate's one year pictures.

Well, I finally got Kate in for her one year pictures and she wasn't very cooperative. She wouldn't smile for ANYTHING. No matter what I or the photographer did. I still think she's cute as a bug, (of course I am her mother), but the pictures just weren't quite what I was hoping for. Oh well, at least I can say I took her in and got them taken.


Elise said...

Even though she isn't smiling in these pictures, Kate really is a beautiful little girl and I love that dress! Ah, to have girls... (sigh)

LouandAngela said...

She's beautiful! I had the same trouble with Emma. She was scared of the photographer (I would have been too, she was very loud and didn't connect at all with the children). I finally thought to have Gehrig come in and get her to smile. That worked! Anyway. . .I love Kate's dress too! So darling.

becky ward said...

Adorable Kate!