Monday, January 22, 2007

They've made it to China!

Well, they have made it safely to China. I'll just post a few for now. I did talk to Jarom and he told me they were served a lunch of pig feet and whole fish, eyeballs and all! You will be very shocked and proud to know that Jarom ate it!!!! I can't believe it; I don't think I could have done it and I consider myself the stronger stomach of the two of us.
They look like they are having WAY too much fun. (The Great Wall is behind them. I'll post more from there later.)

Is Robyn bowing to Jarom???!! Doesn't she know that will only encourage him?! HA!

Look at all the bikes!!! No wonder they live so long there.

Of course you have to ride in style. The seat covers are awesome!


becky ward said...

Way to much fun! I love the bike seats. THey probably have to do that so they can tell them apart.

Anonymous said...

These are terrific pictures. Yes, the variety of bike seats are so neat, and what I would not have expected to see in China. Reminds me how much there is to learn. Love viewing the pictures from this trip taken by my colleagues. Technology is way cool, but sharing of experiences provides thoughts and smiles that truly enhance lives.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, thanks Robyn for forwarding the address, and to you all for sharing them. It was fun to see Bangalore and the Mysore Palace again, and fascinating to see China. I MUST get some of those bike seat covers for Holland!!~ We have almost as many bicycles, and there's NO bike seat cover business here,... hmmmm, entrepreneurial spirit, anyone?

Anonymous said...

i'm not anonymous! Whoops,'s rachael