Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dance recital time

Its time for my girls' first dance recital with their teacher, Ms Tanya. They are SO excited about it and absolutely LOVE to wear their costumes. These are from picture day, the actual recital is coming up on Monday, the 15th, at 7 at the Civic. All are welcome and the cost is free! Look for more pictures next week of the actual event.

Look at that form! (Emily should be proud. She taught them ballet this past summer.) My pretty little ballerina.

Alyssa in her "woot-woo" costume! Look how long her hair is getting. Too bad I always have to put it up or braid it to keep the tangles out.


becky ward said...

Halle and Alyssa both look adorable! I hope we can make it to the recital Monday.

LouandAngela said...

Woot-woo is right! They look absolutely darling! I wish I could see them dance. They look like they love it so much!

Elise said...

So cute!! These pictures really make me want a girl. Good luck at the recital!