Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Dad is HOME!!!

Hooray!! Jarom came home, and of course he brought lots of goodies for everyone. It was like Christmas morning at our house. Here's a couple shots of the kids with a few of the souveniers he brought back for them.

Carter looking like a rapper in his Tokyo shirt, Beijing Olympics hat, and several Olympic mascot watch-necklaces. He felt so cool. It was hilarious!

Halle and Alyssa feeling pretty with their Chinese fans. They are also wearing a watch necklace, and Alyssa is holding her coin purse from India, and Kate's adoreable Chinese pig (it's the year of the pig) is between them. Kate wouldn't cooperate to be in the picture.

As a side note, Jarom got his Papa Tom's pizza for dinner. Life couldn't be better!


becky ward said...

Cool stuff! I can't wait to see what he brought me. (;

LouandAngela said...

Carter looks so tall!! And yes, he looks like a cool little rapper. I love the girls' fans! I remember having one as a little girl and I really cherished it. How fun! The pig is so cute! My kids would love something like that.

Elise said...

Hooray for souvenirs! Dads are the best! (Glad you made it home safely, Jarom)