Friday, January 26, 2007

Fear Factor or China???

It's just another delicacy in China. SILKWORMS!!! (Of course Carter calls them poop worms. We watched "How to Eat Fried Worms" a couple of days ago. My kids are so disturbed!)

Yes, he really ate one!!! Poor Jarom, it would have been an insult to his Chinese co-workers if he didn't eat one. As he was describing his experience to me over the phone he was dry-heaving. (Typical for him.) He said that as soon as he got back to the hotel he grabbed for some candy to get rid of the thought of the taste, and he grabbed gummy worms and couldn't even eat them. HA!

They are brought out alive and then roasted until they pop open like a hotdog. He said the consistency was like a scrambled egg. (I can't even stand the thought!)

Also served was a whole yellow fish (chopped right down the middle and placed on a plate. You want heads or tails?) and whole unshelled prawns. (Not easy to get into with chopsticks.) For a guy who doesn't eat seafood it was a harrowing night. They were also offered dog, cat, and turtle but turned them down before they cooked any for them.


LouandAngela said...

Oh my goodness! Ok, enough's enough! Poor Jarom. I bet he can't WAIT to come home--which is soon, right?

Elise said...

Jarom, you a real man now!

These pictures really cracked me up. I certainly do not envy that cuisine!