Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, the rapid strep test came out negative. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Judging from the size of Alyssa's tonsils, an antibiotic would have been really nice. Especially if I catch this thing. Ughhhh... Hopefully it's short lived. How's everyone in your neck of the woods?

Oh and Happy Last Day of 2008!! Can you even believe it? I think it's just going to be a quiet night at home with the kids for us. We might even celebrate with New York at 10 pm and go to bed early. How boring is that?! Hope you all are having WAY more fun.

See you next year!


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

So...they are doing nothing for inflamed tonsils? Ugh. Drugs are good. IF they'll cure what ails ya...

Natalie and Quin said...

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!!! (December has 31 days) Hope Alyssa gets better.

Nichole said...

Happy New Year! I'm thinking quiet at home with kids too.

Deanna said...

I am totally digging that 'stay at home and get to bed'. Our friends just might 'have to do without us'. :) I am such a party-pooper.

Hope Alyssa gets to feeling better! That's no fun to feel crummy on your school break!

Lula! said...

Oh dear...hope she's feeling better soon. For her sake--and yours!

And yes--celebrate with the east coast. I'll think of you at midnight--well, 10 pm your time! Wooooooo! Happy 2009!!!!

Trish said...

You won't be alone, after all...

We'll be home watching the ol' ball drop and hittin' the sack. Nev's sick, so staying home is our only real option and I am OKAY with that!

So, who came up with the ball dropping idea, anyway?

Mel: We need to come up with something REALLY AMAZING to celebrate New Year's with?

Debbie: Let's bring in Zebras.

Mel: No... not unique enough.

Debbie: How about lance-dueling knights in armour.

Mel: No, Debbie, something more GRAND!

Debbie: Zeplins. No. Plaid zeplins with streamers.

Mel: Come, on, Debbie! You've got to think of something too fantastic, too extraordinary, too out-of-this-world for anyone else to think of!!

Debbie: Oh, Mel, that's a lot of responsibility. I'd feel really bad if I dropped the ball.


Debbie: Yes, tremendously bad.

Mel: No! Tremendously great!

Debbie: What?

Mel: We'll drop a ball!

Debbie: Everyone will be so disappointed...

Mel: No, they'll love it. You're brilliant!

Well, if I had been Debbie and Mel, we would have had plaid zeplins and zebras for sure.

Jennifer Jamison said...

Hmm, i have a cold. Ry has his chronic hacking cough and passed another kidney stone last night. Jacob is still recovering from surgery. And Hannah is healthy as a horse and full of energy = driving us crazy! :) Uh-oh--its 10 pm on new years eve, time for bed! Happy 2009 soon!

Tamie said...

starting drinking airborn and emergen-c and get some zantax---anything that will boost your immune system!
hope that your new year won't start off with strep---yuck!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I hope that she is feeling better soon. We are taking it easy too and I am starting to come out and visit others to see what fun they have been up to. Happy New Year!!!

Miki said...

LOL at Trish's comment! How does she do that! And I missed a strep throat scare?

Okay, I'm going to just stop being so amazed at all of the stuff I've missed out on and start expecting it. Man I've been gone.