Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Christmas Card

Okay, I KNOW...I stink! (Bowing head in shame.) I didn't send any Christmas cards or newsletters this year. This is the first year I've opted out of the card game. Believe me, I've gone back and forth, send 'em, don't send 'em, send to a few essentials, send none at all. I finally decided to release myself from the guilt and not send any.

AND THEN.....all you lovely people sent me one and the guilt came showering down and collected in puddles at my feet. (Not to mention Miki telling me she had been checking the mail every day for my card cause she just KNEW I'd send one. And then Jarom's Aunt Betty leaving a voice mail on his mom's phone letting her know exactly which children had sent cards and who hadn't.) Ughhhh...and at this point it was much to late to get cards out.

So, I'm sticking with my original decision and not sending any. But next year....I PROMISE I will. SO PLEASE don't add me to the "no-send" list for next year. I love your cards and notes and pictures so much. I just took an eensy weensy break this year. Here's what you might have gotten had I gotten my act together.

Again thank you all for the cards I have gotten; hanging them on my front door is one of my favorite holiday traditions!


becky ward said...

what a beautiful newsletter! i am sure next years will be EVEN better!

Deanna said...

I love it! Way to go...good for you. Sometimes you just need a break.

Lee Ann said...

Oh the guilt! The guilt! I tell ya. I went back and forth too. I said I just wasn't going to do it this year! But then the guilt. So I started to slowly work on it. Not to be stressed out. Decided if they didn't get out until Jan 15 it was ok. And.....they did get out on Saturday.

Thanks for the card! (Don't be checking your mailbox for a card from me. ;-)

Nichole said...

No guilt trip from a non-card sender here =D

We're moving Jan 1, 2009 to

Please update your bookmarks and for officer safety please remove all mention of our last name from your blog. The perils of fame =D

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I see us! How fun. I had never thought of putting all the cards on the front door. We got this card hanger from Southern Living that I have been using - it's pretty cool.

And you could always do a New year's card...

Mama Williams said...

You don't stink! I will admitt I miss your letter this year, BUT we have the BLOG. I feel closer to you than ever. I myself went thru the same thing this year. Back & forth. I finally did the card (NO letter this year, 1st time in 5 years..ahh the shame). The pix was easy thru Costco so that's why I did it..feels like Christmas too me now. I too love to decorate my door with all the cards I receive. :)
Let the guilt ya still.

CB said...

I almost did the same thing this year. I think alot of people did because I didn't get near the Christmas cards that I normally receive. I think many opted out or that is becoming a new trend with blogs, and e-mail.
I have been thinking that the world communicates so easily now that we already know what is going on in each others lives - How long does the Christmas card really have???

Your card/letter on your blog is great though!

Merry Christmas:)

Unknown said...

Don't EVEN feel guilty! I opted out of the card thing this year too, there is always next year and to tell you the truth, I don't think I can recall who sent me a card last year and who didn't! The years just run together...cute newsletter though! That would've been fun for family and others to receive!

Miki said...

LOL!!!!! OH how so VERY FUNNY!!! I LOVED your story about me! That made me laugh the hardest! So true, so true. Ughhhh, what a good laugh.

I went over the Becky's blog first, and saw her Christmas card, and thought, "What a good idea".

Ah HA! It's a great idea! I love your family fourth of July Pic, and I love the easy to read summaries of everyone. I bet you whipped that out in five seconds, sighing a few times along the way just trying to get it finished for this post! LOL!

Oh how I love you! (No, not in a weird way anyone). Wouldn't that be a fun statement to hear your computer reader read.... " (


Merry Christmas tired and fulfilled Elena.

Camille said...

I opted out of cards last year except to email one. It felt nice. This year I emailed half, not to metion the blog... and then mailed a few "essentials." I look forward to next year and having all my cards ready to send by Thanksgiving. I say this every year, but if you dream something more than once it's sure to come true, right?