Friday, December 05, 2008

Kate's Funnies

I have been saving up some of my kids' funnies and I need to get them posted on here before the year is over. Prepare yourself for several posts over the next few days, strictly about cute things I think my kids do. Might be boring for you, but these are the most precious moments of my life that I never want to forget.

Yesterday (back in Oct.) Kate came skidding into the room saying, "Mom! The farmers are here! I go watch the farmers in da window!" And off she took to watch the lawn mowers. I don't know why she calls them farmers. They are young teenage kids and don't wear anything remotely close to farmer garb. In fact, one kid had his button up collared shirt on yesterday. (Those are some mighty nice clothes to be mowing a lawn in. Don't you think?) Anyway, I love how Kate calls them farmers.

Lately Kate's favorite color is pink. She insists on having the pink crayon, shirt, hair bow, blanket, whatever it is, if there is a pink one, it's her's. But the cutest thing is that in her mind pink is the most beautiful thing on the planet. Not only is it a pretty color, but to her, it means beautiful. She told Jarom that she is pink, so he asked her what color mom was and she said pink too. Anything that she loves a lot is "pink". If her hair is fixed and I say she looks beautiful, she says, "Ya, I pink." It's so adorable.

Amber gave me a roll of colored toilet paper at our sister sneak. I put it in the bathroom and when Kate saw it she came running to me yelling, "OH MY GOODNESS! Da paper is owange!" (It was really yellow, but oh well.) She couldn't get over it, she'd say that every time she walked into the bathroom.

Kate slept in until 10 am this morning. I asked, "Did you have a nice sleep? You must be growing or something." Then she said, "No, I not gwowin, I just hungwy."


ClancyPants said...

PINK!!!! I LOVED that one! I might just steal that phrase from your cute little daughter whom I've never met. (but I like her already!) I will be sure to give credit where credit is due and let everyone know that Kate coined the phrase... for the first three times I say it, only. After that, I'm claiming it as my own! ;)

Love this post.

Lee Ann said...

You are definitely pink!

I loved everyone of them and look forward to more. I love cute kid things!

Wendy said...

Loved your cute kid funnies. They put a big smile on my face.

Thanks for being such a pink friend this week. :-) I appreciated your words over on the blog.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

You must get her the Pinkalicious book! I read it to Madalyn at the bookstore a few weeks's really cute. There is another one called purpilicious that's a keeper too :-)

Jennifer P. said...

I will be thinking all great things are pink from now on ;)! What a cutie pie! You need to get her some PINK toilet paper!

Miki said...

I was waiting for her to say what color Jarom is too. PINK!! So fun.

I'm also thankful the "farmers" wore shirts to entertain your little Kate. Thank goodness she's not getting too much eye candy too soon in life.

You go buttoned up farmer guy.