Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Good Times with the Letter G

I'm playing along with Kat's letter meme. She assigned me letter G and now I have to come up with 10 things I am thankful for that start with G.

1. Big G and Little G, my two very most favorite boys in the whole wide world. Both their middle names are G, just the letter.

2. And my GIRLS.

3. Get-togethers with dear friends from high school.

4. The Gospel. I don't post a lot about my spiritual side. I tend to keep those kinds of things private. But my religion is part of who I am and I am VERY thankful for it. It's my beliefs that pull me through those dark times.

5. Living near Grandparents is great!

6. Gifts, giving and getting (that should totally count for 3)

7. Okay, this is starting to get difficult. Let's see...there's grapes, gravy, goodness, gold (Ooo, I do like gold!), g-strings (Uh, not so much. Actually I think they're hideous.), guinea pig....hey guinea pig. I do love my little Mimzy pet. Okay, #7 my guinea pig.

8. Golden arches. Oh come on, don't pretend like you aren't thankful for their drive thru too.

9. Gum, I love to chew gum. I've been through an Extra phase, a Trident phase, and now I'm on an Orbitz Sweet Mint kick.

10. And lastly, Guitar Hero. It entertains guests so well and wearing a guitar while you bake pie just looks cool. :)

So now if you'd like to play, leave me a comment telling me so, and I'll get you a letter. It's actually really fun so I hope a lot of you will play! :)


"The Queen in Residence" said...

I loved that and you wear the guitar so well too!!!!

I got the letter "I", what do you do with that that does not sound like an ego maniac??? I will let you know...

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Oh and I love the new look, you are so talented with the banners. Love it!♥

Tonya said...

Wow your blog is great... I don't know I need to take some lessons from the queen.

Tamie said...

now that was fun! i'll join along, sure! and p.s. i'm trying your stew recipe today---i'll let you know how the crowd likes it tonight. :)

Mama Williams said...

Love your Christmasy blog. Your tree looks gorgeous! I'm sorry you're not feeling well still, but it's no wonder when you can multi-task like that! Guitar Hero and Pie. LOL!
I'll take a letter...sounds fun.
P.S. Our little visitor check out last night and I slept so well. All that cleaning was worth it!

Allisyn said...

Sure I will play along... just be nice to me and give me a easy letter. How did the Orange Brownies turn out? Your Christmas background is beautiful.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I love your G's! I gave Katie G, too. She just published her list yesterday.

And those Golden arches prompted a hormonal moment for her, too. They gave her a tiny Sprite instead of a medium one. And she was so mad that they messed up her order that she refused to eat anything :-)

Lula! said...

OK, I was liking all of this...and then I got to the picture of you rocking it out while baking pie...and it is official. I am in love with you forevermore.

ROCK ON, Elena. You are so hardcore!

Jewelle said...

I'll take a letter! Can't wait to play the game.

becky ward said...

i LOVE the picture of you with the guitar while making pie! you crack me up. way to go with the 'g's. i'm in. give me a letter.

becky ward said...

ps love the picture of you guys in front of the tree. adorable!

Jennifer P. said...

I wanna play!!!....soon as I get back from California! :)

Germany. I'm thankful for Germany!

And I LOVE you playing the guitar while baking a pie. You rock girl!!!

Brenda said...

Oh my goodnes, you are a funny lady! Love the grateful for G list!!! I just read your post about Halle being grateful for shirts,I have to say I agree, and you must laugh your head off all day long!