Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol Girls

So here are my top three picks for the ladies. (Thanks to Becky for miraculously NOT erasing her DVR'd copy of the show, so that I could watch it. Somehow my DVR turned off after the 3rd girl performed. I was so annoyed!)

First up, Asia. I think she gave a nice performance, good voice and nice stage presence. Fun to watch too.

This girl has a great voice as well and was fun to watch too. Plus her big hair is memorable.

I think Carly has a really nice voice, but she does a weird thing with her mouth that makes her look like a vampire or something. And her performance was a little boring. But as far as voices go, she's in the top three to me.

Overall, I wasn't that impressed with the girls. There was nothing REALLY amazing about any of the performances. Hopefully they'll get better as they go along. I am in complete agreeance with Becky about who will go home tonight. Let's see if we're right!


becky ward said...

Hey, we were right on with the girls! But, I was way off on the guys. I thought Colton was so adorable when he performed. So sad to see him go!

LouandAngela said...

Hey Elena! I'm back. Have you discovered that yet? Sorry. . .it's been crazy around here--nothing too out of the ordinary though. Anyway. . .I'm so excited to have some friends to talk American Idol with. I started watching the end of the first season when I was told that Gehrig looked like Justin (2nd place). And then I was hooked! I thought of taking you up on the tag, but I don't think any of my family watches, so I thought I'd just comment with you. Anyway. . .sorry this is so long!

My top two girls are Syesha & Asia although I think Carly & Amanda will go far. My top guys are David Archuleta (my favorite--probably a personality thing, not to mention that he's very talented)and probably Michael Johns. I will have more of an opinion as I hear them all again (looking for consistency, appeal, personality).

Anonymous said...

I'm breaking from tradition, and am going to be a "lurker" for a while.

I'm in deep thought of other things......

just thought I would let you know


Elise said...

I missed the girls' performances, so I don't have a lot to go on here... but you did pick pretty ones!

Mama Williams said...

I too am not impressed with the girls this season. I like syesha and ramille. I don't agree with you on Asiha. Her voice is scratchy all the time. Not my favorite tone. But we will see who gets better next week. Did you notice how both the last pick of the boys and girls were voted off? Hummmm.