Friday, November 02, 2007


Alyssa has lost her pillow. Now, this is not just your ordinary $15 pillow from Shopko, this is an $80, memory foam, weighs something in the range of an elephant, king size pillow that she stole from me. She suffers from a stuffy nose at night and this pillow has seemed to help her breathe better, so I let her have it. We have searched high and low and can NOT find this pillow. It has been missing for about a month now. So if any of you have seen a random pillow in your house that fits this desciption, let us know. We can't figure out how on earth it has disappeared. It's driving me NUTS!!

If you can help me solve the case of the missing pillow, I will be forever grateful to you! :)


Lee Ann said...

Did you check your trailer? Just a though 'cuz that's where I lose lots of stuff

Anonymous said...

No, I haven't. Good suggestion!