Monday, November 26, 2007

Gingerbread houses

I decided that it would be fun to let the kids make gingerbread houses tonight. I also had a brilliant plan to make them each their own out of cheap graham crackers. Well after about 35 broken graham crackers and still not even one complete house, I broke down and made a run to Michael's to get kits. (MUCH easier!)

I let the girls each have their own and Carter and I shared one. Kate just ran around eating candy and spilling things like a little banshee.

Carter was such a good sport to share with me and was really quite creative when I would ask him what kind of candy he wanted to use.

The finished masterpieces. From left to right, Mine and Carter's, Alyssa's, and Halle's. I am really impressed with the way they all turned out. It's fun to see each of their personalities in the houses. Now I am off to clean up royal icing that is EVERYWHERE the eye can see.


Elise said...

Royal icing... cleaning it up is such a royal pain. Ha ha ha, I crack myself up!

Your houses turned out so great-- I was actually planning to pick up a kit for us at Michael's this week. I'm glad to see that they're a good purchase!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

They turned out beautiful! I was actually having a dream about making gingerbread houses last night-one of my kids very favorite traditions. I was thinking of making our own this year since we usually just buy the kits. But I think I'll stick to the original plan after reading your post! They all look darling!

Lee Ann said...

I always get them from Michaels. Plan ahead next year and save your %40 off coupons and they're so worth the money. My other little tip (especially with little ones) is to put the houses together the night before so all the walls dry, and then they just decorate it. I'm trying to plan a neighborhood gingerbread house party so hopefully I'll have pics soon. Yours all turned out great!

Jennifer P. said...

So cute! I just bought a kit from Michael's yesterday too. If you ever decide to do graham cracker ones again, we always use half-pint milk cartons (have the kids bring them from school) as a support. You just slather the carton in frosting and stick the graham crackers around it. Works great!

Tell the kid-o's they did faboulous jobs!

becky ward said...

I love your new name and header. So cute! And those houses turned out adorable. See, you are a nice mom! (;

The Manwarings said...

Oh, how fun! That makes me want to do some. We'll have to try it? Do the kits come with the icing? That would be handy.