Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks For...

These are the things I am grateful for and listed daily throughout November 2007.

My basement
BYU football, (only if they win though, otherwise it makes for grumpy men)
Food, family, friends, and relaxation that comes with this holiday season
The feeling I get when there is snow on the ground and Christmas music on the radio
My warm beautiful home
Hugs and kisses
Beautiful music
Good books
Helpful grandparents
Wonderful teachers
My senses, and all of them work
My computer and blogging buddies
Hot running water on demand and flushing toilets, aka indoor plumbing
Food at my every whim; NEVER having gone hungry
Friends old and new
My soft, warm, cozy bed
Living near family
Bedtime when all is quiet
Modern medicine
The opportunity to have seen as much of the world as I have
An extra hour this weekend (Standard Time)
My Spotbot carpet cleaner
A happy marriage to the love of my life
Healthy children


LouandAngela said...

I love your gratitude list. I agree--I am grateful for most of the same things you are (wish I could be grateful for MY finished basement!:)). I reflect daily on my blessings. Sometimes it scares me how blessed I am. What a charmed life we live--with the gospel, family and material blessings we have been so accustomed to.