Thursday, November 29, 2007

1st night in the basement

Alyssa, Halle, and Bailey decided that they wanted to try out sleeping in the basement. I assumed they were going to sleep in either of the bedrooms or maybe in the family room, but when I went down to check on them they were asleep on the HARD stage. Silly kids!


Jennifer P. said...

SO is the basement all done then? If not you need to put a countdown until basement completion ticker up--that'll make you finish on time :)!

Elena said...

The basement is still NOT finished. The eletrician had to put us off until Monday, then after he's done we need to get the closets in and the trim around the stage up. Then we'll need to finish the bathroom when we can afford it. But is definitely liveable now. HOORAY!!!!

Lee Ann said...

As a kid I always wanted to sleep in odd places. I would have LOVED your stage as well - for playing though, not sleeping. I think your kids are going to have lots of fun times on it.