Monday, November 19, 2007

We're getting closer!!!

We've been working hard finishing the basement. Over the weekend we had a "paint party" and had so much help from everyone. THANK YOU!!!! Today the flooring came, they'll finish up tomorrow.

Don't mind all the mess, just look at the carpet on the floor and the painted walls!! It's so much fun to see it coming together. The carpet turned out a little darker than we had wanted, it's so hard to envision carpet from a 3x5 square. But, we still love it! We just like to have something soft and warm to walk on.

Here's the stage with the hardwood (well fake stuff). I just LOVE my stage, it's my favorite part of the basement.

This is Alyssa's room. (Don't mind the painter's tape. We're still doing touch ups.) Jarom says it's so bright he's afraid Alyssa is going to have seizures in the night. It really is Hubba-Bubba pink, but Alyssa is in love with it. (The ceiling is white, but the flash glared the pink on to it.) I am going to try to find a way to tone it down a little. Suggestions?

They still need to carpet my stairs and Halle's room . I'll post pictures of those when they are done. Then, the electrician will come and hang all the lights and then we need to make shelves for the closets. And then it will be move in time!! (The bathroom vanity is postponed for now.)


Elise said...

Um... that is PINK! But, hey, if Alyssa loves it, then it's perfect! If it's too bright, you could always do some texture with a lighter shade of pink... I am not a painting guru, but I've seen some cool ideas at Sherwin-William! How exciting that your basement is almost finished!!

Jennifer P. said...

I like the carpet--I think it goes well with the hardwood.

As for the pink, I think some brown or black accents will make it look very sophisticated. You could do a colorwash or tone on tone stripes, perhaps a beadboard chair rail in white. It will all take more time of course, and I'm sure you just want to move in already!

Looks so nice! Glad it's all coming together!

Anonymous said...

What is a colorwash? and tone on tone? I really am dumb when it comes to this. Her bedspread has brown and pink polkadots, so I want to try to do something towards that. (I wish I had your vinyl dots.) :)

Anonymous said...

One more...If I were to do the canvas mounted letters what colors should I do them in? (The bedspread has tan, fushia, pink/wall color, and dark brown polka dots.)

becky ward said...

It's coming together! I can't wait to see the "finished" product. How exciting!

Jennifer P. said...

If you guys have a Lowe's there, they carry a product in the wallpaper department called Wall Pops--very similar to my dots (I think cuter!)--and much better priced. They should have little brochures in with them with lots of ideas. And unlike mine, they are re-positionable.

Also at Lowe's you can get sample pots of paint for about $3.00. Interior paint covers the canvases a lot better than craft paint. If you took the actual bedspread in, they could match the colors on it for you. I think Pottery Barn Kids is only selling their white letters now, but they would look cute on canvases on all the colors in your bedspread.

A colorwash would be taking a white paint (or very light pink), mixing it with equal parts glaze, and then using that mixture to 'wash' your walls with--just like you would wash them with water. It gives a very mottled effect, which I don't know would look that great with the mod-sounding bedcovering, but would lighten the room. Tone on tone would be either to take your same paint in a different sheen (i.e. high gloss) and paint broad stripes, or to choose a lighter color and do the same. Not hard if you have a laser level, but maybe a project for when she wants a change.

Very long comment, but I hope I answered your questions! Feel free to call me if you need any more advice, or if you feel really lost--we'd be happy to make a trip down there.


LouandAngela said...

WOW! DANG! I'm so sad that I didn't get there to see the basement! I HAVE to come and visit over Christmas. Well, I have NO expertise on painting, decorating, etc. Looks like Jennifer has some GREAT advice! I'd listen to her!