Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bucket #2 taken care of.

Well, this morning I woke to Alyssa screaming at me, "MOM!! Halle just barfed on me!" (No it wasn't from the candy and no, she doesn't have the flu.) Halle coughed so hard so threw up and poor Alyssa AND her candy bucket happened to be the path. So, Alyssa bathed and the candy went in the garbage. I thought she'd be more upset about losing her candy, but when I told her she could pretty much have Kate's bucket, she was fine with it.

(Today's story is why I am thankful for my Spotbot.)


Jennifer P. said...

mmmmm....candy and puke. I think those two are a natural combination :)! Hope Halle' is feeling better. Liam always throws up when he coughs too hard as well.

Anonymous said...

Elena, thanks for the stories, it will better help prepare us for when/if we have kids

Mama Williams said...

Funny stuff as always!