Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Feet...

If you think about it, Halloween is a really odd holiday. We dress our kids up in silly outfits and can't stop taking pictures of them. Then we parade around neighborhoods to practically strangers homes and ask for candy. And then we laugh hysterically when somebody scares us or our kids. But isn't it such fun!!?? Trick-or-Treating was a success for us. We started the night off by meeting my brother and his family at my mom's for dinner, then we all hit the road to fill our buckets with candy.

My brother Kade as Jack Skellington. So cool.

Our three little devils, only one is disguised as a cute Southern Bell.

Knights in shining armor. We didn't know that both our boys were going to be knights. They had a good time sword fighting at Grammy's.

Little Red Riding Hood and Tink.

After my folk's house, we headed home to meet Becky and Kevin and made the rounds in our neighborhood. There are TONS of trick-or-treaters here, last year we counted 300. I don't think we got quite as many this year, but we were only home for about 1 1/2 hours. We did leave a bowl full of candy on the step and watched kids politely take only a few pieces, but when we drove back by only 5-10 minutes later, the entire bowl was empty. Next year we think it would be funny to sit across the street with cop lights and a siren and set them off whenever some jerky kid tries to take the whole bowl.

There is a house here that has a great big dinosaur head (looks like it's from the set of Jurassic Park) that roars and moves out from the garage. It's really cool. (Sorry no pictures of the actual thing.) We took the kids to see it and as soon as it started moving to come out, Carter took off running like his pants were on fire. He BOLTED across the street with me following screaming for him to stop because there were cars coming. It was very frightening, but HILARIOUS. Had I had a video camera, we would have won Funniest Home Videos. My brave little knight fleeing from the dragon, his pumpkin full of candy held high in one hand so it wouldn't spill, and his sword held high in the other to balance him, with his cape flapping behind him.

After we got a sufficient enough amount of candy from our neighborhood we headed to Uncle Ben's house. I had to borrow some pictures of Ben's spooky cool set up from Becky. (I left my camera at home.) Ben would sit out front in a werewolf costume and scare everyone. Poor kids left crying. And Carter wouldn't even walk past it. Jarom tried to hold him and just let him look at the coffin (which was only for looks, no one scaring anyone) but Carter started screaming, "Dad, get away!!! Take me away from it!" Yep, he's traumatized.

After Ben's place, we headed out to Grandpa Freidenbergers for our annual full size candy bars and then off to Shelley to see Brandon and Emily. We were very tired when we got home and no one even felt like dumping their bucket to see what they got.(However, I have stolen a few Almond Joys from everyone's buckets.) I guess they have that to look forward to today.

Poor Halle was exhuasted by the time we got to Brandon and Emily's. (Sorry this picture is so dark, but it's from my cell phone.)


Jennifer P. said...

Wow! You guys really get around on Halloween! The description of Carter running away was as funny as seeing him! Poor little guy, but it was hard not to laugh! Glad you guys had a great time, and everyone looked so cute (and brave!).

Lee Ann said...

Holy Cow! You guys need a weekend instead of one night to do all your trick or treating!

becky ward said...

Carter is too funny! We sure had fun with you guys!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

I love it all. It sounds like Halloween will not be Carter's favorite holiday! They are all so cute!

Elise said...

Wow-- what a busy night!! It looks so fun, though, and your kids are so dang cute!! I love that your neighborhood is trick-or-treat crazy-- it reminds me of how it was when I was growing up. So fun!!

Anonymous said...

Runaway! Runaway!

Does Carter belong to the knights that scream AAAAAAHHH!?