Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time for some American Idol!!

As you all know, I absolutely LOVE, L.O.V.E., American Idol. When this show first came on, I was the leader for the youth girls, ages 12-13 for our church. They were NUTS for this show. So in order to have something to talk about with them, I started watching just bits and pieces. Slowly, bit by bit, year by year, I have become a full blown addict.

I have been waiting and waiting for the top 12 (this year top 13) show to come on so I could predict my winners. (Just like I did last year.) Tonight was finally the night. Last year I chose 3 girls and 3 guys that I thought might win. (And, uh...I didn't include David Cook. Whoopsies.) This year I am going to try to pick the final four. Not easy to do from the first real night of performances, but fun non-the-less.

Adam- At first I couldn't stand this guy. He was so over the top and theatrical. But the more I've seen of him, the more I really enjoy him. When he started singing tonight, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the rocker scream and tongue to show. And he delivered. I think he's a lot of fun to watch and really does have a great voice.

Danny- Oh Danny....I've loved him from the minute I saw him at try outs. Great voice, but not so great on the stage performance. At least he is a self admitted awful dancer. I hope to see some more fun, upbeat stuff from him. And I hope he quits trying to dance. LOL! Poor guy.

Allison- How can she honestly be 16?! Where does that voice come from. Wow, that girl has some lungs. And although she is not my most favorite singer, I do think she is certainly talented and has something. Now if she would just stop jutting her chin back into her neck during interviews.

And the final of the final 4....this is a tough one. I'm torn between Lil, Matt, and Alexis, oh and Kris-really nice voice on that guy. Hmmmm....I'm going with...

Matt- I think we have a lot more to see from this guy. He's kind of the dark horse in my opinion.

Now as far as who will go home tomorrow. (And there will be 2 since it's the Top 13.) I'm saying asta la vista (I have no idea how to spell that) to Anoop and Jorge. I can't stand Jorge and Anoop sucked it up big time.

Want to play along? Pick your final four and let's see how close we get this year.


Jennifer P. said...

I am SOOOOO sad I have class on Tuesday nights! I haven't got to see a single episode since Hollywood week. I'm still stoneage and have to set the VCR to record(no DVR!), and I keep forgetting to! Thanks for the opinion on who to watch...once I do get to watch again. I know I loved Danny during what I did see!

Wendy said...

Will you still be my friend if I tell you we're not into the whole American Idol thang? For some reason, we ended up watching the whole show last night.

So we know just enough to say we agree that Jorge and Anoop are goners.

becky ward said...

i haven't finished watching last nights show but i did see anoop and a small bit of jorge before i turned it off. and i must say that i wouldn't mind either of them leaving.
i want to get on the idol blogging band wagon...hopefully i can get it together today and make a post.

Tamie said...

i skip on AI b/c i ama HUGE biggest looser fan....so wednesday's we usually just don't get around to watching the rest of AI....though i do like the show (i just like watching people change their lives with a lot of hard work....)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I have class to and have so missed seeing it, DQ even forgets to watch for me and keep me posted. We are totally out of it this year, so watch for us.♥

The Shep's Herd said...

I too join you as a big American Idol Fan...or junky my kids say. I agree with your pick except for Adam ..he still drives me nuts. I think he is way to over the top and he needs his hair cut..yuck !!! I love , love , love Danny...what a voice and I also really love Matt. Allison for being 16...WOW.I Also like Michael, he reminds me of Craig so I am biased there. I just love the show.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

ooo...I want to play. But I am not sure I can come up with a top 4. I will say that I think Danny will win the whole shebang.

And Adam...yuck. I think that the judges heard something completely different from what I did last night. It was screetchy and over the top.

I agree with you about Allison. Wonderful. And I love Anoop. Last night, though...not so much. I hope he gets another chance...

Unknown said...

I am totally on-board with you on this one...I LOVE A.I.! I record them and watch them one after the other, usually on Thursday night when Matt and I are home together! I couldn't have picked any better than you, except for cute, fun personality, I really like Corkery...tattoo and all even though it is a bit of a distraction!

LouandAngela said...

I only have 2 shows I watch anymore. American Idol and House. I record them usually and watch them later. I TOTALLY agree with your top 3--they'd be my top 3 (based on my opinion about their talent not so much on my favorites by personality, etc.). Not so sure about the 4th. He'll have to show me a bit more to impress me enough.

Hey! I'm coming on Monday. Only staying until Friday (may even have to leave on Thursday). Carlianne was pretty sure you could join us when we go to see the lambs. Is there a day that works better for you? I'd love to have you join us!

Oh yeah, and are you going to the school Girl's Night Out on Thursday?

Sorry, I should just send you an email. Maybe you could respond to my email. I'm out of it!

Denning Domain said...

Ok girl, just read this, march 19th, so I am going to predict my top 4 in order of who i predict to win. So if I win, do I get anything, like some brownies or something? haha...
1st- Danny
2nd- Adam(I think he is better, but i think America will go with Danny.
4th- Lil
Ok, it is on who will win!