Monday, March 16, 2009

Sturdy Little Player

Alyssa has been asking to play volleyball for about two years now. At first I poo-pooed the notion thinking it would go away. After all, she is MY child and I can't play volleyball to save my life. I can't even serve it over the net. My sporty friend Miki, took pity on me once (about 2 years ago) and patiently taught me what I was doing wrong. (And I did get it over the net and about passed out with disbelief.) Alyssa was there watching the entire time and that's when her fascination with volleyball started.

So aside from being related to her non-athletic mother, there was one other problem. Alyssa is a shrimp. There is only one other kid in her class shorter than her. Afraid of her humiliating herself I just kept saying no. Jarom finally talked me in to just letting her try it. And you know what? She's pretty good! Gobs better than her mother.
We signed her up with the city league and Saturday was the first tournament. She loved every minute of the 4 long hours for those of us sitting on the bleachers.
She's number 5. I was amazed at how good these little 10-12 year olds were. Bump, set, spike on almost every turn. Serves that could knock the wind out of me. It was nuts, but really fun to watch. And Alyssa got right in there. Not afraid of any thing. And as long as she didn't panic and do her mother's little hop while serving, she got the ball over the net.
Afterwards the ref came to talk to her team. (See Alyssa on the end, the one a head shorter than everyone else?) The ref told her, "You're the sturdiest little volleyball player I've seen." I guess that's a compliment. Yes, I'm a proud mommy. Proud of Alyssa for not being afraid like me, proud of her for having some talent, proud of her for trying, and proud of her for getting the ball over the net.


Anonymous said...

"do her mother's little hop"

Deidra Smith said...

Good for her. That is one sport I wish I had been brave enough to try out for. I've always loved playing it with friends. Maybe we'll have to come watch her play sometime.

Wendy said...

Mr. H and I **love** volleyball, so we're glad to hear Alyssa loves it, too.

Way to go, Alyssa!

Lee Ann said...

I swear we're twins! :-)
I can't play ANY sport!
So far though, Anna doesn't want to play anything either :-)

Gina said...

OOH, I sat for 7 hours (more or less) on Saturday for a speed stacking tournament. He didn't place for speed, but his relay team got 2nd for the head-to-head, which is about technical ability.
Oh, and a 80 minute drive both ways.

I stood for a long time that evening.

And, my kids definitely did not inherit any athletic ability from me.

Mama Williams said...

Woo Hoo!! She and Liz can play whenever we get together then. I can't serve to save my life either Lenes.
Now I know where you were Saturday! Enjoy the new dishwasher! I hope you'll still call me to chat while you wash the "extras". :)
And we have got to talk about Idol!

Unknown said...

How sweet! She knows what she likes and I am so happy you let her try it! I'm sure she'll continue to get better and better! I love to watch Volleyball, so fun!

The Manwarings said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. We really need to get out of Blackfoot so there's something for my girls to participate in besides dance. Way to go, Alyssa, she looks so cute out there.

becky ward said...

she looks great! i love that she is a head shorter than everyone else. funny! way to go alyssa!

Miki said... post. 'nuff said right there.

I'm so glad I was on the phone with you when we read this together.

Thanks "Lenes". I like that nickname. Cute.

Eakins Family said...

Yeah! Morgyn is also crazy about volleyball! She traded in her leo for a volleyball. It is becoming her passion. We'll have to play sometime. SWA flies cheap, what do you say?

Jennifer Jamison said...

I'm giggling just imagining YOU playing volleyball! And don't worry, I would look just as funny. I tried to kick a football back and forth in the yard with little man today, and my first kick ended with my flip-flop flying higher into the sky than the ball. LOL!