Friday, March 06, 2009

Island Park Cabin Trip 2009

Have you missed me and wondered where I'd gone? If not, just say you did anyway so you don't hurt my feelings. :)

Well, I won't keep you in suspense any longer...I've been in Island Park with Jarom's family doing our annual Cabin/Snowmobiling trip. Island Park is basically the west side of Yellowstone National Park. It is beautiful country and always has plenty of snow in the winter time for us to play in. We play hard and eat too much on these trips. And the cousins get 24 hour access to each other. They absolutely love it.

Jarom and Kate (Right as we were packing to go, Jarom bumped a scar on his nose on the tailgate of the truck. It busted wide open and we had to do a quick super glue-tape up job on him to hold him together. Dr Brandon fixed him up properly once we made it to the cabin. Boy are we glad to soon be getting our own medical guru in the family.)




We all bundle up good to enjoy our day playing on the snow machines in the open meadow.



The more cousins the merrier. They would pile as many as they could onto the tubes and sleds. Such fun memories these kids will have.

When we're inside, we do a lot of sitting around relaxing. (Or working if you're Jarom.) (FYI-take note of the staircase/banister in the background. Good story about it coming up.)

Playing games is a MUST at the cabin.

Sleeping whenever and where ever you want is a big perk too.

We felt so bad for poor Justin's and Amber's family who arrived and then started up with the stomach flu. Nothing is worse than being sick on vacation. They cleaned more carpet, clothes, and towels than was even imaginable.

Then, just so I could really understand their pain, the night my family was trying to get back home, Carter puked all over the banister I previously mentioned. Seriously, vomit down every stair, over the side of the banister onto the second floor, and down the wall to the basement. I have NEVER seen such a nasty mess in my life. THANK YOU THANK YOU to Justin and Amber for sticking around and helping me clean it up. Without them I think I would have cried. (What is it with us and vacation? Thank goodness we're not going anywhere else for a long time.)

Other than the stomach flu nightmare, I think we all enjoyed ourselves and had fun spending time with family. This is a trip we look forward to every year!


Janelle said...

Actually- I have been wondering where you are. Hope you get a little vacation from your vacationing sickness!

Jewelle said...

I did wonder where you were on Thursday when Kacey did your 72 hours kits for you. sounds like you have a fun time...well, except the whole banister thing.

becky ward said...

so sad carter had to get sick and then puke on everything! hope everyone is feeling better.

Lee Ann said...

I'm jealous! Looks like a gret time!....except for the vomit.

Such great memories for all of you.

Oh....and I did miss you!

Wendy said...

Yep, I was wondering where you were; I posted a Cafe Rio recipe and didn't hear a peep from ya! Something was up... :-)

Glad you had a getaway with your family. Sorry that the sick bug found you again. What a mess to clean up! Been there done that.

We've had food poisoning and a wicked flu virus at our house all week.

I feel your pain. Hope you all feel better soon!!!

Mama Williams said...

What?!! No pictures of PUKE?! LOL! You took some really cute pictures. I hope you stay home now and get some much needed R&R.

Trish said...

I missed you!

And I was just thinking the other day that we hadn't seen any pictures of Carter sleeping in funny places for a long time. Iwas starting to think he had grown out of that, but I'm glad to see he hasn't!!

Tamie said...

oh that just looks delightful. all cabin-y and cozy and splendid (vomit and all) lucky oy guys to have the opportunity to do that. great memories!

Jennifer P. said...

of course I wondered where you were!!!

TOo fun! Loved all the pictures!

I keep thinking Carter's going to grow out of that sleep anywhere stage.... :)

CB said...

I think family trips like this are the BEST! That's what life is all about being with your family and enjoying it and this big, beautiful world.

So glad you had fun - puke and all.

You know "Puke Happens!"

Tonya said...

I have missed you... sounds like you had a great time.