Thursday, January 01, 2009

Our Rockin' Party

Things were quiet for us this New Year's Eve. I think I was just plain partied out and the thought of another one was overwhelming. So we opted to stay home. Plus Alyssa was sick and I thought she'd need to stay home too, but as soon as the party offers started rolling in, she felt miraculously well and abandoned us. She had a good time partying it up at the bowling alley with Bailey and didn't get home until 1:15 AM. (I'm not looking forward to the teenage years.)

We started the night off with pedicures. Halle gives a mean foot massage. And she's pretty artsy with the toe paint too.

We played a few serious rounds of Guess Who and then I whomped Halle in Life. (I didn't even sue her 3 seperate times that I landed on it.) Kate and Carter just drove their cars all over the game board and kept knocking people out. Don't knock Halle's babies out, she'll get ya.

Carter of course, sat still and konked out early. But he roused happily when we told him we were going to get a treat.

Ice cream sundaes for the kids and Moulten Lava's from Chili's for the mom and dad.

Then it was time for poppers and blowers. (I promise Carter had nothing to drink.) We watched the ball light up, (Did it even drop this year? Weird!) and then kiddos went off to bed. Us Manwarings know how to have a good time even without a party.


boltefamily said...

Looks like fun!

Happy New year!

becky ward said...

that strawberry ice cream sundae looks SO GOOD! i want one! i totally forgot about getting poppers and blowers. we just rang in the new year with drinks. i am sure my party planning skills will improve over the years! sometimes a nice quiet evening is a great way to bring in a new year. see ya tomorrow!

Lee Ann said...

I think that looks like a great time! I'm afraid we watched a movie....which ALWAYS makes me fall asleep....around 10. Lame I know!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh, those molten lavas from Chili's are yummy. Have you gotten the Betty Crocker warm delites? They are a great substitute. And you don't have to leave home.

Oh...and Madalyn is sitting here telling me how much she wants a Guess Who game - and then she sees ya'll with one. If only she had let me know BEFORE Christmas...

The Shep's Herd said...

Lot's of fun. I cnat believe Carter lost his first tooth. First right of manhood. lol. We watcdhed the ball too but I never saw it drop. I built it up for the kids but it never came down...or did it?? Happy New Year We miss you and our Canasta games.

Jennifer P. said...

We watched the ball 'drop' aka descend extrememly slowly. And all I kept hearing was how eco-friendly and "green" the ball was. That kind of sucks the fun out of it ;).

Carter does look totally hammered in that picture. HA!

Happy New Year Manwarings!

Tamie said...

oooo-invite me next year, i'll go and get a moltedn lava cake with you---that is my all-time favorite desert--ever!

Miki said...

I played that game too (that guess who game) with Ryan. I promise, I'm not trying to be your twin...I hate that.

"I looked into refinancing, I played that game....blah blah".

I just find it interesting and fun. I also noticed Kate's quick outfit change into her Snow White princess dress. Even at midnight, she's up for a fashion change. She is going to be a fashion guru designing clothes. She's be the next L.C. from The Hills.

Oh wait, L.C. wasn't a designer. It will be, "Clothes by Kate".

Love it.