Friday, January 16, 2009

And Now, Some Answers

First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It's so great to feel loved!! Now...

Let's start with some easy ones.
Queenie asked: What is your most favorite time of the day and why? BEDTIME! It's quiet and for a good reason (no one sneaking into a mess), I KNOW where everyone is, and I get to blog and facebook my little heart out.

Stevie asked: 100% honestly, how do you feel about your new calling? I actually love my calling. This is the third time I've had this particular calling and I honestly feel lucky. It's one of my very most favorite ones. Primary is NEVER boring, ever! :) However, I am sad that Deanna had to go, and hope they find a way to get back down in the primary room soon.

Then Camille asked: What is your calling? I am the primary chorister.

How did you get so stinking lucky to win all that great loot!? I have NO idea, unless Kat rigged it. (Just kidding.) Honestly I am NEVER lucky, so this was really fun for me.

Can I have your Wicked soundtrack? Not on you life lady.

And speaking of Kat and Wicked, Kat asked: Do you have a favorite book? I think my all time favorite book EVER, is The Box Car Children. My teacher first read it to me when I was in 2nd grade. I've read it several times since then. I LOVED to pretend I was those kids when I was little. As an adult, I really loved Twilight, it just brought back so many first love emotions. I also fell in love with Harry Potter.

Did you ever decide if you liked Wicked or not? If you would have asked me this last month after I finished the book I would have said no. It was a little more depressing and dark than I thought it would be. (Even though I had been warned.) However...after having some time to stew over it, I say yes. It is not a book I would love to read again just for light, fun reading. But, minus a green witch, talking animals, spells and potions, and other minor details, this book is just life. Our lives, the whole world. It really is so poignant. And who are any of us to assume our ways are any better than someone else's? It's kind of a "whole pie" look at society. And I have enjoyed the reflection I've had on life since reading it. So because of this, I say "Yes, I liked the book." (Did any of that make sense?)

Have you read either of the sequels? No, I have not. I've been too busy reading other things. Have you?

Have you seen the musical? Again no, but I really, really want to. Now that I've read the darker side, I want to see the fun light side of the story.

Have you ever met someone through blogging? And again, nope, I haven't met any of my "computer friends" in real life. Well, unless you count Clancy, cause I spied on her blog the day before I met her. But I've never set up an actual meeting with any of you strange ladies ;), and OHHHH how I want to meet you all!!

I think that's enough deep thoughts from Elena today. I just felt like a celebrity doing an interview. So fun for me. I need a few more days to feel important, so I'll answer the rest of the questions later. Thanks for so many great inquisitions, you people are awesome!


Natalie and Quin said...

Ahha!!! First comment goes to me!!! Anyway, Nat and I both loved the Off-Broadway version of Wicked. Never will look at the witch the same again.

Trish said...

I saw Wicked at Target yesterday and almost bought it but I am getting close to the top of the wait list at the library, so i passed it by.

My husband and I bought tickets the see the musical here in Portland. It's coming in March, so if you want to come out and see it......
then you could also meet one of your computer friends!! ME!

Hope you had a great birthday!

Mama Williams said...

Elena- I just finished reading Wicked. My sister and I saw it on Broadway in Oct. She got me the soundtrack and book too. The PLAY is FANTASTIC!! A must see. I tell people to skip the book and see the play. Didn't like most of the book, but parts were interesting. Like you said, dark and depressing. The Play isn't. It's so fun! You'll be singing the music over and over. P-O-P-U-L-A-R!

Wendy said...

Wicked's coming to Salt Lake in April. (April? I think that's right...) The Sweet Girl is broken-hearted that we can't buy tickets right now, in our current jobless state. Hopefully we can still do it.

I told her to skip the book and enjoy the soundtrack -- she got it for Christmas. She plays it all.the.time. and loves it.

Lovin' the Q and A, Elena!

Keys to the Magic Travel said... not skip the book!! Though, I will admit when I read the book the first time...I didn't like it. And then five minutes later I did. And then I hated it. Then I forgot about it.

Fast forward about ten years and my book club decided to read it. I read it again. And loved it. I had read some about Maguire's vision for the book...and things were just clearer. I could see the symbolism. The literal scapegoat. And then I read some sights that had critical comments of it. And very loosly, it reminds me of LOST.

Like when I watch LOST, I read Lostpedia to see more about what I saw. Or really all the details that I missed. And wow. And then I read it again...and the wow just got bigger.

I have read both sequels. They both answer more questions. But neither is anywhere as good as the first.

Tamie said...

that is kind of interesting that you didn't really like the book Wicked. I have not seen the play yet either (though it is coming to denver later this year---maybe you need to come and "meet" me and we'll go!)
i really liked the book. in fact, i think that i've read it twice now (i actually bought it) and i haven't read either of teh sequals yet--and i think it is b/c the library doesn't have them....

Elise said...

Happy, happy birthday! Man, Jarom seriously write a book: The Smart Husband's Guide to Gift-Giving. It would be a bestseller.

Here's my question for you: Do you want to go get some birthday dessert on the 24th? I'll be in town!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I so want to see wicked but it is completely sold out. I think I will have to passify myself with the book.

I think it would be great fun to get a Utah bloggers and Idaho bloggers meet and great thing arranged. There are so many of us here that haunt you and Idaho is really not that far away.....just something to think about.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

K I've never read the BOOK Wicked for the very reason you put...I've heard it's dark and REALLY deep...and I'm more a light stay on the fun side kind of person.

But the THAT is another story...I've seen in NYC and in London and am probably going to it in Chicago at the end of this month!'ve got to see's FANTASTIC!!!

Oh and happy belated birthday! ;)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Oh forgot I was logged in on my other account!

My blog page is

Brenda said...

Whew, I have not checked blogs for a couple of days, and what a treat! Happy Belated Birthday! What a fun present from the hubbo! I also love all the Q/A! I can always count on a creative idea from you. I also love IDOL, and although would never want to admit it caused tears, that story of Danny and his wife's death was a doosy, I was fighting them back!!!

CB said...

Elena I just had to comment on the Wicked part of your post. I am a total bookworm and so I decided to read the book last year, because I loved the music. The book was just strange. One of the weirdest things ever. My husband read it also - same conclusion. Then we went to LA last year and saw "Wicked" in Hollywood and it was the most fabulous thing ever. We didn't know what to expect but thank goodness the book and the show were so NOT the same. It made me really appreciate the person who took the show from the book - lots of talent there to be able to see beyond the weirdness and write a great show. I hope you get a chance to see it.
Still LOVING the music!

Camille said...

So, I was trying to find out if there was a book "Wicked" Is that what it is called? I'm trying to get all ready to see the performance in April... can you tell me the exact title and author so I can track it down? Thanks!

hoLLy said...

hey elena-i don't know you but i am a friend of tonya floyds. anyways, i saw on your comment on her blog that you were looking for that potato sausage soup recipe. i have found a recipe that i think is close to olive gardens. i posted it to one of my blogs. here is the link!


hoLLy said...

i'm also friends with emily loria. just so you know, i'm not a psycho stalker! :) cute blog!

Lula! said...

Don't tell Kat--but I don't think I wanna read Wicked. Unless I win it on someone's blog giveaway. HA!

Glad you had a happy birthday. Glad our show returns in 3 days. Glad it's 2 hours long. Glad we'll have lots to talk about over the next few months. GOOD TIMES.

Spudman said...

Just a quick hello to you and your family, it's good to read to blog and see all the fun and excitement in your life.

All my best!!

Paul Navarro