Friday, January 09, 2009

A Mouthful

I took Carter to the dentist yesterday to see about his mysterious loss of a tooth. They were all a little baffled by it and said it certainly wasn't going by the "text books". They took several x-rays and determined that yes indeed, he does have an extra permanent tooth as well. (They told me long ago that there was a 70% chance of him having one since he had the extra baby tooth.)

From the x-rays they could see that his lateral incisor does appear to be trying to come in before the front incisor, so maybe that could be the cause of the strange order of his tooth coming out. But it seemed really early for that to have caused it. It wasn't really pressing down very much.

The other guess is that maybe because of these extra teeth, while his teeth were forming, it caused his old tooth not to form a strong root. And there is always the possiblity that he knocked his mouth sometime and didn't tell me about it. I don't remember him crying about that, but who knows.

Anyway, the good news is that it's okay for the tooth to have come out already (however, there could possibly still be a little sliver of tooth left, but it should work itself out no problem). The bad news is that he'll have to have some oral surgery in a few years to rid himself of the extra permanent tooth.

And of course, I can't leave you without the funny of the day. While the dentist was working on Carter and such, Kate says nice and loud for all to hear, "I want to go play. I tired of this guy." It's a pretty good thing that she's so blasted cute and thank goodness the dentist has a sense of humor. He just busted out laughing, while I hung my head and turned bright red. Kids....they'll always keep you humble.


Anonymous said...

Laughing totally out loud!

Miki said...

lol! oh that Kate. I even got the "shhhhh!" from Mark I was too loud with my laugh.

It has effected me so much about Carter's tooth that I looked at my little Ryan today, and made him open up his mouth big and tilt his head back so that I could look to see if there was "anything going on in there". I was thinking about Carter being four, and losing his tooth. It made me feel as though we were off schedule or something.

This post has made me feel a little better. Yes, you may dub thee (me) paranoid.

Glad to hear Carter, although not straight from the book, is going to be just fine. That's so interesting how he snagged an extra genetic tooth. I wonder what Darwin's law would have said about that. Carter would win on the scale of things if an extra tooth gave an advantage.

Did I ever tell you I can plug my nose with my upper lip? I think I have the evolutionary advantage there...I tell ya.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Too funny. That is like Madalyn in church. Don't pause in the sermon because she'll want to know if you are done yet :-)

And that is so interesting about the extra teeth. If they remove the first permanent one that comes in, will the second come in on its own?

Deidra Smith said...

Lol. What a nut. And I'm glad there is a good reason for Carter's lost tooth too. I have to admit I was feeling like Miki. Liberty is 6 1/2 and hasn't lost a tooth yet and I've already been thinking that was a little slow compared to the other kids, but figured it was coming soon. Then Carter loses a tooth and really throws me for a loop!

Brenda said...

Glad you got mostly good news! Kids and surgery is never fun! Paige had to have a cyst removed from her eye, at age 2. I swear the worry waiting for the surgery was 10 times worse than the actual procedure.

I totally feel Kate's pain. I would much rather play, than be stuck at the dentist. I love those little comments we think, but they are clever and cute enough to say!
Glad the dentist didn't mind. They are probably used to it, Morgan bit the dentist when I took her in for the first time, that was a little embarassing as well!

oh, your sweet nephews were at my house yesterday, they are cuties!!

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Yes..we know all about extra teeth in our house! Isaac's was a midline tooth (extra), they didn't say anything about him having a permanent one?? He had oral surgery and it was MUCH, MUCH easier than I expected!! Glad to finally be catching back up with you!

Mama Williams said...

So while we were on the phone, Lizzy lost a tooth! :)

By the by, I keep forgetting to ask you if you have found a new place for us to get our blogs printed? Did they fix blurb yet?

Tonya said...

Wow... That is still amazing to me! Now make sure you go to Hicks when the time comes.... I hear he comes highly recommended. LOL I love the comments kids make!

Jennifer P. said...

don't forget to figure in the cost of the psychological help Carter will need as he is forced to tell everyone...."I was born with an extra tooth".... ;)

I'm going to go read another post now, I tired of this one :)