Friday, January 02, 2009

Good Luck and Games

For the past several years now, my mom has thrown a baked potato bar lunch on New Year's Day. Our good friends the Infangers always join us. We enjoy lunch together and eat a bite of black eyed peas to insure ourselves good luck throughout the new year. (I made sure I had an extra big bite.) And then we enjoy playing games together. I never seem to take any pictures, but good ol' Jarom clicked a few for me this year.

He made sure the back of my head was well documented.

And also got a few shots of the crew playing games.

Did ya'll eat your black eyed peas? Does anyone else do this? I know we're not totally crazy because Pioneer Woman posted her black eyed pea salsa today. (Mom we should try that next year.)


Lee Ann said...

No black eyed peas here! Never even heard of that. Maybe I should though :-) Is today too late?

ClancyPants said...

Yep! Black-eyed peas, rice and cornbread for me, baby! :) We do that for good luck too!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Black eyed peas, corn bread, and collard greens. All supposed to bring luck in the new year. But...disgusting. Except for the corn bread. My dad used to make Hoppin' John. Which is I think a stew with black eyed peas. Vile, just vile :-)

Happy New Year!

Jennifer P. said...

I've heard of eating grapes for luck, but not the black-eyed peas.

I just eat fondue. There has to be something lucky about gooey, melted cheese, right :)?!

Miki said...

Always in the dark...always something new for me to learn, and be shocked at how many other people know of such things.

Remember my shock of learning what "Davey Jones Locker" was off of Sponge Bob Square Pants? Oh BROTHER. How did I miss that one? I hear it everywhere I go now! I'll never forget Jarom's laugh as he realized where I learned it from.

I don't think I should be confessing how, uh-um...not so knowing I am at times.

OH...SPEAKING of such...I thought you were teasing all of us bloggy people when you asked, "do you see the missing ornament?" I thought you were going to make us look for the green pickle.

I'm learning so eyed peas, Davey Jones Locker, Green pickles, what's next?