Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Late Mother's Day

Things I've learned as a mother:

1. Don't ever share a drink with a kid, especially if it has a straw. (Chunks, enough said.)

2. If you run over a bag of lettuce with a shopping cart it explodes and sounds like a gun shot.

3. Bubbles can come OUT of toilets

4. Magnetix are really fun toys.

5. Tubs overflow and water comes through light fixtures in ceilings.

6. Bed time is the best time of day. (Well actually not bed time, but the time right AFTER bed time when everyone is accounted for and asleep.)

7. Grocery shopping with kids is near impossible.

8. Gum bought and paid for can still be scanned by the self scanner at a completley different store.

9. Shaving your legs is a luxury.

10. Pooped on, peed on, puked on clothes, can still be worn for a full day.

11. Bra shopping with kids is near impossible.

12. Dirty faces, snotty noses, and unfixed hair at the store is OKAY.

13. If you tell a child to stay clean, it's an instant invitation to get dirty.

14. Kids can melt your heart just by a look on their face.

15. Being a mom is the best thing in the whole world.

My mom made this neat 4 generation picture for me for Christmas. I thought Mother's Day was an appropriate time to post it. (Sorry about the flash glare.)

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And a big thank you to my wonderful hubby who gave me the coolest printer ever for my Mother's Day gift. It can print up to 13x19 photo lab quality prints (edge to edge, no trimming needed) and it's going to be lots of fun for me to play with.


Deanna said...

I loved the bra story. HILARIOUS! ANd what a fun printer!!!!! I'm coveting. :)

Deidra Smith said...

Well said:)

Oh and by the way be careful with those magnetix toys-have you heard the news reports on them? They do look like a lot of fun, but I admit I've been scared away from them at least until my kids are old enough to know not to put them in their mouths!

Jennifer Jamison said...

Very cute! And so very true.... :)

Lee Ann said...

Those were great things you've learned! So true!

can't wait to see what you do with your printer!

Emily said...


I love it!

Jennifer P. said...

So jealous of your printer! You are going to have a great time with that one!

I remembered every one of the stories you had linked ! Too funny!!! I'm sure your kids will be very happy one day that you kept a 'bwog'!

LouandAngela said...

Great comments! I LOVE your 4generation picture. I remember looking at it when I was at your house last. What a treasure!

becky ward said...


becky ward said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me be your mom.

Miki said...

This was a cool post too!! I just can't think of anything to blog lately!!! I loved your mom's generation picture frame. That makes me want to make one for my daughters too. Cool.

Debbie said...

Oh Elena that is funny and oh so true!

JandK Manwaring Family said...

What a great list! How fun to have a sweet printer. Also I love that neat picture with the different generations. What a neat idea!