Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cleaning Kids' Rooms

Yesterday I finally had enough of one of my daughter's bedroom. She puts EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, in her cupboard shelves. Both girls have been complaining of having no socks (and either not wearing any or have worn the same non-matching pair for a week), but when I pulled out the clothes and junk from her shelves we found 10 pairs!!

Also found:

1 Massive, disgusting Hobo spider (that nearly made me faint as I vacuumed him up)

1 Toy bucket that had been used as a restroom (dried piddle) from some unknown child of mine (which made me dry heave)

6 (yes SIX) empty drawers where clothes should have been

It's much better now.......


Jewelle said...

The whole toy bucket thing makes me giggle. I shouldn't, but I can't help it!

Jennifer Jamison said...

That is awesome! Good work, Mama! And hey, with 6 people in the house, maybe there just wasn't a real bathroom available when nature called.... :)

Deanna said...

I wanna hear about the garbage sack!

Spider - YYYYYYYYYUK! I'm still shivering. Empty drawers where clothes should have been - sounds like me and my sisters! Too funny!

Way to go, Elena!!! (did you clean out the bucket or just chuck it?) :)

LouandAngela said...

I always use the threat of spiders hanging out in their disgusting rooms to try and motivate them to keep their rooms clean. It helps--kinda sorta.

I can't seem to keep my room clean b/c it ends up being the storage for everything that shouldn't be seen in the rest of the house. So. . I think I go extra crazy when the kids' rooms are dirty, b/c at least they have a place to put everything (unlike me).

Ahh. . .motherhood!

PS, Guess what? My cousin Clayton got engaged this week. He's so happy. I'm really excited for him. He'll get an instafamily (3 kids)! WOW!

Elena said...

FUR- Love Ya!! :)

Mama Williams said...

Gross! And I was eatting while I was reading. LOL!
Way to go with the clean up. I'm proud of you!

Jennifer P. said...

Who doesn't need a good dead spider and an emergency toilet :)?

I bet it will stay clean for a whole 3 days too ;)!

Lee Ann said...

I have a hoarder! She has a cute bed with all the shelves and slots above it. I totally regret that! She puts everything in there and it drives me crazy.

Dried pee and a spider in one day? That's really TOO MUCH!!!! I would have cried "uncle".

Emily said...

What is a Hobo spider. He sounds hilarious!

Brenda said...

My daughter Paige is also bad. She is always packing everything she has into bags, purses, and backpacks! Everytime I can't find something she needs, I just start digging through her suitcases. I am jealous your getting the Spring Cleaning done!!! So Sorry about the unfortunate discoveries though!! Thanks for the laugh!

Elena said...

Emily- A Hobo spider is the nastiest looking spider on the planet in my book. And they are one of (if not the most) the most venomous spiders in our area. Their bit causes NASTY wounds. So really, they're not hilarious and I am DEATHLY afraid of them. Google an image and you'll see what I mean.