Thursday, May 22, 2008

Becky's Words

American Idol ended last night with Big David as the top dog! (Or should I say dawg?) Anyway, since I posted about the start of the show, I have to post results. Way to go Becky for picking the winner in your top three!! (I didn't even include Big David Cook. I thought he sang way too flat and would be cremated in the beginning. Guess there's a lot to say for having amazing stage presence.) I just have to copy and paste Becky's assessment of it all because they are my thoughts exactly and she did such a great job wording everything. (Hope you don't mind Bec.)

"the american idol finale was AMAZING! i love watching a program full of musical performances. great entertainment!

*as much as i complained about members of the top 12, it was fun to see them all again! yes, even kristy lee and jason castro. (Me- LOVE him!)
*i can't wait for so you think you can dance to start.
*careful paula. you are going to fall out of that dress.
*what is jordan sparks wearing? that's too bad.
*the jonas brothers are overrated.
*one republic sang owen's favorite song! i will have to let owen watch this tomorrow. he'll love singing and dancing along. and he actually does know some of the words. except for he likes to sneak "i'm sorry" into parts of the chorus too. such a cutie!
*BLAKE! blake lewis is SOOO cute! (Me-Wish he would have performed; MISS him.)
*those pips are TOO entertaining. ben stiller kills me. love that guy! (Me- How about Jack Black? Don't you all think Jeremy should enter an impressionist contest. I think I laughed harder imagining Jeremy doing all those moves than I did at Jack Black.)
*why can't i have thighs like carrie underwood. man, she looked great! emily-can you make my hair look like her's? too bad she sang my least favorite song. oh well.
*david archuletta already has a commercial!? GO DAVID!
*david cook sure was on fire tonight! maybe he can win this thing tonight.
*george micheal sure looks old. strange. (Me- What does he have over his eyes? Did he just have lasik surgery?)

here come the results...and it's...ugh...i'm so sad this is over...holy cow, simon is apologizing...okay...and it's...DAVID...DAVID...DAVID...COOK! holy moly! i love it! from bar tender to millionaire.

HOORAH! can't wait for january! gosh...what a great show!"

Great words Becky, couldn't have said it better myself.


becky ward said...

i am glad you enjoyed my words. i am saving the finale on my dvr because i loved it SO MUCH!

Jennifer Jamison said...

loved the finale, too. both of the Davids definitely deserved to be the last two standing! love them both, but glad DC won!

Towards the end of the show, my brother sent me a text message on my phone. I thought it would say who he predicted to win, but instead, all it said was.... "George Michael Sux!" Isn't that funny?!

Jennifer P. said...

Becky--thank you for that post :)!

I can't wait for so you think you can dance either! It feels like the start of summer when that show starts. LOVE IT!

As far as DC goes, I feel like I've blogged all my thoughts about him out on others' posts today. Sigh ;)!. I did get all giddy when they showed Blake Lewis in the audience though. He's my favoooooorite :)!

Jennifer P. said...

Oh yes--and also I felt the applause when George Michael came out was kind of uncomfortable. Poor old man. Time has not been kind to him. His songs are great (I LOVE 'Freedom'), but seeing him actually sing them---not so much....

OK. Now I'm really done :)!

JandK Manwaring Family said...

Becky nailed it all! Ditto, ditto, ditto!