Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Indoor Playground

Me: "What in the world?!"

Carter: "I was just making a playground mom. It's just fun."

Me: "Okay stand there so I can take your picture then let's clean up."

Carter: "Are you going to put this on your bwog?"

(Notice how he's holding a wet rag to his bonked head? I don't think his playground was as kid friendly as he thought it would be.)

And then I just can't resist posting a picture of Kate's beautiful curls. I know she needs a haircut, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to bring myself to actually cutting these beauties off. At least I have a picture for when the time actually comes.


Deanna said...

ooooo! Can we come play on your playground? It looks like so much fun! We used to do that all the time growing up - even the rag with ice in it because someone split their head open...too funny! I wonder if my mom would let us do that now. I wonder if I'll let my boys do that. HUMM..

Those curls are beeeutiful!

Lee Ann said...

OOOh the curls! They are always so hard to cut. I had no idea her hair had gotten that long. They're beautiful.

Emily said...

Wow, leave it to a boy to figure out something like that!

I am jealous of your daughters hair!

LouandAngela said...

Why does she need her hair cut? It's beautiful! I can't believe how long it is!!

Aren't boys so creative with their play?

becky ward said...

crazy cats!

Miki said...

When in the heck did Kate's hair turn so blonde? Oh my goodness. You're reminding me of the time you said you gave Alyssa one of her first hair cuts (I think it was Alyssa, maybe Halle) and her little curls never came back.

I'm nervous for little Kate!

Cute "bwog".

Debbie said...

I just love that all our kids are aware of our "bwogs"...so funny that every moment is up for grabs for complete strangers to read about. Oh and I thought you were posting a picture of how you curled your daughters hair. Don't cut it yet!!! Just trim it...it's gorgeous!

Caitlan said...

Her hair is like a princess!!

And haha- the furniture playground looks kind of familiar... like something we did at school, as college sophomores... more often than I'd like to admit.;)

Jennifer Jamison said...

Sweet playground! My kids would love it, too!

And Kate's curls really are beautiful. Did all your girls have curls like that before haircuts?

Anonymous said...

Angela- It's just starting to look scraggly. Makes me sad.

Miki- I think it must be the lighting, cause it still is really dark. And yes, Alyssa's went away when I cut them.

Debbie- No, I won't be cutting it for a long time. I can't bring myself to do it.

Caitlan- I guess we never grow up do we? Hope you had fun on your indoor playground.

Fur- Alyssa had some curls, just enough to look like I curled her hair with the curling iron every day, but not as many or as tight as Kate's. As soon as I cut them they were gone. So I just don't want to do it to Kate. Someday, but not for a long while.

Brenda said...

I am laughing so hard, I have a boy who would do that!!! I loved your Mother's Day post! It was so sweet and funny! I laughed and laughed!!

JandK Manwaring Family said...

With the weather as cold as it is every OTHER day, we all might as well have our own indoor playgrounds.
As for the curls, absolutely darling!