Thursday, May 01, 2008

Food Quiz

For those of you who don't read my friend Jennifer P.'s blog, here is a fun food quiz she posted.

I only missed 4 on the candy bar quiz.

But I missed HALF on the pasta quiz.

Shows you where my loyalties lie. What are your results???


Caitlan said...

I got an 18/20 on the candy bar quiz and got to the third pasta question before I gave up- haha. I liked reading your blog though!

Jennifer P. said...

If you look at the bottom of the food quiz page--there are links to more food quizzes. I tried the ice cream one, the snack cake one (did horrible on that!), and matching TV shows with various foods. I apparantley have too much time on my hands :)!

becky ward said...

how fun! but i would prefer a taste test on the candy bar quiz. crud, i could have eaten every single one of those while i did the quiz! YUMMY! i got 15/20 on the candy bar. and i was so on the same page as caitlan...i did three questions on the pasta and then quit!

Miki said...

I missed 5 on the candy bars WITH my husband's help (I know, I cheated). That shows you how well we know our candies. We should have aced it working together!

Mark wasn't as interested in the pasta challenge, so independently, I missed 13 and guessed most of the 11 correctly. I only knew 2 for sure.

Some of those noodles looked sort of fun to try. Some of them I had no idea existed!

Fun quiz..

Miki said...

I think I did the math wrong. Weren't there 20 questions?

Josh & Joni said...

Elena, your blog is so fun!! I'm glad to get caught up ... let's go camping together sometime!!

Elena said...

Joni- I want to see your blog too! :) You've got to invite me. (That is if you want me to look. I promise I'll be kind.) ;)