Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Walt Disney for the Day

Alyssa has been working on an assignment for the past month. She had to research the life of someone and then the culminating event was to dress as that person and give a short speech about them at the class's mock wax museum. (She was a little ticked that she had chosen a man after she realized she had to dress like the person.) She did great and it was fun to learn interesting facts about Walt Disney. Thanks to Kade and Deidra for loaning us some Disney artifacts.

Did you know that he wanted to join the army but was too young? So instead, he drove ambulances in France during the war.

Did you know that Mickey's original name was Mortimer, but Walt's wife hated it and decided on Mickey instead?

Did you know that on the opening day of Disneyland only 22,000 people were invited, but 33,000 showed up instead? It was a disaster of a day, but that didn't stop the magic of Disney.

Did you know that when Walt moved to Hollywood to make it big, he only had $40 to his name?


The Manwaring Family said...

Very interesting facts on Walt Disney! Alyssa still looks cute all dressed up, even if she didn't like it!

Brandon and Emily said...

What a cool person to do it on because every kid know who that is. I likeed the facts.

Miki said...

Hey! It's done! Hooooooray!!! This was a BIG project. I REMEMBER!!

I'm sorry poor Alyssa had to dress as him. We all know what that's like..but she did such a great job researching him. She's such a Walt expert now. I liked all of the little facts.

I wonder if Alyssa is sick of this now, and Disneyland will be forever different in her mind? I doubt it. Great job Alyssa!

Jennifer Jamison said...

Too cute! Love the mustache! :)

becky ward said...

alyssa looks so cute! and thanks for educating us. sounds like she worked hard on it.

Elise said...

She is the cutest little Walt Disney I've ever seen!!

Lee Ann said...

Looks like fun! Ooooh those school projects that drag on forever :-) Thanks for the fun facts.