Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cherry-Lemon Lollies

Probably 7 or 8 years ago or so, I inherited some lollipop molds from my Grandma. I've never even opened the bag to see what shapes they are. But after some inspiration from Emily Loria, I decided to pull them out today and give them a whirl. Such fun and the kids were in heaven.

Getting the molds ready. Who would have known it was a spring set, flowers, chicks, eggs, and bunnies. Good thing we tried making these now and not at Halloween.

We did some free-form ones too. Halle informed me that they looked like bums. Hows that for a spring mix? Tulips, chicks, and bums. Oh Halle.... :)

Cherry-lemon sugary goodness. (Next time I think I'll add some citric acid to make them tart.)

Even Mom and Dad joined in the fun.

Alyssa is not pictured because she was at Bailey's house, but no one worry, we made sure to drop off a couple of suckers for them to enjoy too.

Thanks for the idea Emily! Now everyone go make some lollipops with your kids. They'll love it!(The recipe is on Emily's blog if you need it.)


Miki said...

Sorry I'm first to comment because I selfishly (for you) want to say I LOVE your picture at the end! So fun.

Now for the post -- I loved the suckers. It looked like fun. I think that Halle is loads of fun, just like her mom. "They look like bums." I can just hear the laughter now. What's she going to be like with her teenage friends? I can hear her now, "let's make bum suckers!"

Good for you trying out new things on a Saturday. Oh, also, it's good that Jarom was a good sport and let you take his picture too. I'm not so sure Mark would have done the same. Our husbands do a great job dealing with us blogging wives!

Lee Ann said...

That looks like fun. I think they look more like sad hearts than bums :-)

becky ward said...

i love the picture of you and jarom. and the lollies look delightful!

Emily said...

YAY for trying the lollies! I love the free form ones, if you mix colors they are so cheerful. You lucky duck, getting your grandmothers sucker molds, that is such a treasure. I am trying to hunt down my own set with no luck!

Mama Williams said...

Yumm! I could pack a dozen of those for our trip.

Elise said...

How FUN!!! I love the "bums"-- so cute! You guys all look so cute with your lollies.