Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's NOT an April Fool's Joke!

We're not kidding, Jarom's diploma FINALLY came in the mail!!!! Now it's truly official; he's done with college and we are SO excited about it. Way to go honey.

I really did finish my FHE board AND it's hung on the wall. (With a little help from Jarom of course, and also some inspiration from Deanna.) It's only been sitting around since Thanksgiving.

It's not a joke, there is STILL snow in my backyard. (No matter how much Kate wants to wear her summer dresses.)

Don't let Carter pull your leg, if you can't find him just look under the bed in the office! He was sound asleep.


The Manwaring Family said...

Cute family home evening board!! I want one!! Love the cute sun dress and snow boots!

Jennifer P. said...

Another pretty new blog makeover! Feels very Springy!

Congratulations Jarom! We couldn't be happier for you!!!

And Carter with his places to sleep--seriously, you've got to get him on some show somewhere! I bet Ellen would love to have him on ;)!

Deanna said...

Congrats, Jarom! I love Kate's dress, and Carter and Tanner could be friends! He fell asleep under his bed last night, there's about a 4 inch clearance. Silly boys!

I LOVE your board! Glad to be of service. I like the heart shapes. Very cute!

Mama Williams said...

LOL with the kids! Our snow keeps coming and going. I'm ready for summer dresses too Kate! Congrats Jarom!

Elena said...

Kaylin- My cousin actually made this one for me at an enrichment activity. She did everything except the things to hang the tags with. I just couldn't decide what to use, but I love the door pulls.

Jennifer- Thank you, I have fun making them and I am getting faster and faster. I even made the family sit for a new picture.

Deanna- Thanks again for the idea. The pulls you used were all gone. But I thought these ones were cute too.

Julie- Bring on the sun!!

becky ward said...

seriously...how long did it take you to find carter?

congratulations jarom! very exciting.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

Hilarious post!! Poor Kate-You guys do totally need to come visit AZ where she can where her sundress all day!!!

Elise said...

Yay Jarom! And yay for you for making that darling FHE board! I am so not crafty, so I'm always impressed with people who can do that kind of stuff. I like the B&W ribbons.

And cute little Kate in her dress... poor thing-- I'm sick of the snow too!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Jarom! We are proud of you that you stuck it out and finished.

I noticed the new picture too and thought it was cute.

The sun dress in the snow doesn't surprise me!

And did you realize that you picked the same door pulls that your mother picked for her closet doors?

Brandon and Emily said...

Way to go Jarom! It is about time!JK. It cracks me up how Carter can sleep anywhere, just like his Dad.

Kade said...

See, living in a trailer those first few years of marriage wasn't so bad after all. That's the first requirement to getting an edumacation from a fine university like that! Too bad you never got to experience the true culture that is K-State.

Natalie and Quin said...

Yaay!!! Jarom is so smart! S-M-R-T!!! Jarom is so smart! S-M-R-T!!!

I think it is hilarious how little kids try so hard to make it summer before it really is. And when you are a little boy being under your bed is really cool, as I remember.

Elena said...

Becky- I had actually seen the little dude sneak in while I was on the computer, but he really tricked Jarom.

Rachel- Kate would be in HEAVEN.

Elise- Thanks, however, all I did were the knobs. My cousin made everyhting else.

Mom- No, I didn't know those were your pulls. I'll have to pay more attention. And does Kate's outfit remind you of Mimi?

Emily- Yep, like father like son.

Kade- Hey, we lived it UP in that trailer. Soup can/oven rack bbq and all.

Quin- We IS SMRT!!!

Torman said...

Ok I am so glad that it is just not my kids that are frustrated with winter. Skyler will look out the window and say look the snow is gone and then I hear oh never mind I still see some. The snow is putting up a good fight this year.

Miki said...

Holy Cow, look at all of these comments!!! Sheesh!! I came back tonight to your blog to make my comment since I missed making one this afternoon, and the comments went from 3 to 14!!

So I'll add my two cents and say that:

Jarom--well deserved. Such a smart guy and hard worker. That's just such a wonderful accomplishment.

Katie--who doesn't go outside with snow boots and a summer dress?

Carter--he really does sleep anywhere!

Nichole said...

adorable FHE board. I'm copying it and tweaking it to make it a family birthday board for nana for mom's day. TX!