Monday, April 07, 2008

Getting Old

Okay enough biscuit and gravy talk. Let's move on to growing old. In fact let's talk about gray STUPID hair!

I remember a friend once complaining about her gray hair and how she hated how it had a life of it's own. It was thick and frizzy/kinky. I didn't have any gray hair at the time and had no idea what she was complaining about. Well, the years went on and I have joined the gray hair club and now know about those stupid frizzy, mind-of-their own, sticky out, gray hairs. So far I've only had a few and can pull them out when I see them, but lately I am getting more and more and I know I am going to have to start the dreaded hair coloring process soon. Maybe I'm vain, but I have always really liked my natural hair color. I've never had any desire to mess with it, so the thought of coloring it makes me really sad. But such is life, eh?

Another way I know I am getting old is by the people I find attractive. No longer is the skinny high school body attractive to me. (Of course losing a FEW pounds wouldn't make me sad.) But seriously, those girls who are skinnier now than they were when they were 13, that's just gross. And men, I like a little "meat" (or fat) on my men.

I remember when I was about 14, driving with my friend's older sister and her pointing out who was "good looking". Of course they were all the 18 year old high school guys that I thought were just plain OLD and no way would I ever think they were cute. Now, Silver Fox Anderson Cooper tops my list (next to my hubby of course).
Wow, I really am getting old.


Miki said...

Oh THIS is SO fun, and SOOOO me!!!! Yes, the grey hair factor is here for me too, and I've been putting it off, and offf, and offffff. I KNOW that my social compradres are quietly, even secretly, saying to themselves, "you NEED to dye your hair!"

I JUST don't want to do ALL of the mistakes first (the purple hair, then the too black do, then the "not quite so right" red. Uhhhh, it just doesn't look fun.

Who knows, maybe we can become the next platinum blondes. Does Jarom like blonde?


Anonymous said...

Would this be a bad time to mention that I still routinely get mistaken for being much younger? Last week, someone at work guessed me to be 25.

For men, I think we're OK as long as the gray hairs aren't growing out our ears.

No matter how old we get, I'll always be 2 weeks younger than you!


Jennifer Jamison said...

I think he's good looking, too. But I don't like the way he slants the news to favor the left. :( but then again, who in the media doesn't??

Jennifer Jamison said...

P.S. When I was having my hair cut last week, the lady was kind enough to pull out and show me a few short fuzzy grey hairs. I was horrified and might have thought they weren't from my head if I hadn't felt her pull them out!!! :(

Deanna said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the grey hairs. I can't relate to the color, but lately, I have the billy-goat beard growing on my neck - my mom points it out every time I see her! I tried to pull out the hairs once and I cried, it hurt something terrible! here's to resoring to hair coloring and neck shaving. Happy days in the bathroom at the mirror! :)

Mama Williams said...

Oh the joy of being blonde! I have no gray hairs showing yet.(to my knowledge) But I have been highlighting my hair for 5 years now and there is no going back. My Gram and Mom both colored their hair and I'm keeping that tradition alive til I'm not.

P.S. I've always like your hair color too.

Lee Ann said...

Ok, my friends were sitting behind me in high school geography pulling out my grey hairs. I have been coloring for years. I hate the process. I hate being half naked, stuck in my bathroom that reeks of hair color for thirty minutes. It puts me in a horrible mood. So, the last six months or so I've been forking out the dough to have it done. My husband is happy just because I'm happy. Still, three weeks later and the grey is back. I really don't feel sorry for you at all miss, "I can still pluck them." :-)

Jennifer P. said...

Just go to the hairdresser and have her match your natural color (quick! While there's still enough of it to match :)!), and write it down. I bet no one will even notice--even you--that you've "evened out your grays" (says the woman who has been going gray since she was 17 and doesn't even remember what her natural hair color is!!:) ).

And I have always found older men attractive--Kiefer Sutherland, Kenneth Branaugh, and even Alan Rickman (I think I like his mouth!), all top my list before guys like Brad Pitt. Go figure! Never thought of Anderson Cooper before, but he looks pretty good in that photo! Do you know he's the son of Gloria Vanderbilt?

Elena said...

Miki- I could NEVER go blonde. WAY too out of my comfort zone! Can you imagine. (Not that blonde is bad, just much too bold for me.)

Dayne- Yes, ear hairs are very much a sign that you are ancient. Guess you better gain some weight and go gray so that you'll look your age.

Fur- Oh no, nothing is worse than the hair dresser showing you your grays. So sad.

Deanna- LOL!! "Goat beard", that was too funny. You should wax, it's much easier.

Julie- Yes, you are a very brave girl when it comes to hair. Never scared to try a new do. You go!

LeeAnn- LOL!! You poor thing. High school is WAY too early for that, but it happens. And I will opt for the salon route too when it comes time. It's got to atleast have some positive aspect to it.

Jennifer- You and LeeAnn can sympathize together. And yes, I am sure I will have it matched, I'm too scared to do anything fun like go red like you. :)

Natalie♥ said...

Oh I dread getting older. Remember Elder Ballard's talk just live in the moment. Don't look ahead! Just keep pulling those grey hairs out day by day. And if you do start dying your hair I am sure it will be just as beautiful. Good luck to you.

Deanna said...

i never thought of waxing...I'm too chicken. I'm just lucky the hairs are 'transleucent' - they're pretty light. But seriously, if I could cut and paste, I'd make a 16 year old high schooler pretty jealous of my 'facial/neck' hair!

What ever you do, be it color or naturally going grey, you'll be beautiful!

Natalie and Quin said...

I found my first gray hair about a month ago or so and about died! I had Quin pull it out and I put it in my jewelry box. I am not sure why I keep it. Yesterday I found a really blonde hair and pulled it out and compared it with the one in the jewelry box. I was much relieved when they didn't match.

Emily said...

DON'T PULL THEM OUT! two hairs will grow in it's place. That's what my hair lady said anyway!