Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pierced Ears!!

Alyssa got brave and decided to get her ears pierced yesterday. I was probably more excited than she was. I LOVE to buy little girl earrings. SO cute!! I have always maintaned that it is a personal decision and I have never pierced my babies ears, so when Alyssa said she was ready and willing to do it, I jumped at the chance. (Jarom wasn't nearly as happy about it as I was. Infact, I think he's a little upset. But it's all good.) Before

During, just cleaning the ears geting ready. Look how nervous she was.

After. There were a few tears, but she did REALLY good. I was VERY impressed!

The observing party.

The day after. The ears don't hurt anymore and she is having fun walking past all the mirrors in the house.


Elise said...

What a beautiful, brave girl! I'm not a big fan of piercing baby ears either, Alyssa looks so grown up-- and how great to be responsible enough to make such a big decision!!