Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's day! We've had a good day that started off with a primary activity breakfast. We ate yummy Mrs. Powells cinnamon twists, grapes, and green juice. Then the kids and I joined Missy and her boys for a picnic in the park. It was SUCH a beautiful day and poor Carter got a little bit of a sunburn on his neck. I just don't think about sunscreen in March.

After our picnic, we drove out to my folk's where the kids pulled out the train and leprechauns left gold covered chocolates around the yard. (A tradition in my little family. My kids look EVERY year for leprechaun gold and EVERY year the leprechauns "forget" to come until later in the day. Maybe next year the leprechauns will get it together and remember they have a duty to fulfill the day BEFORE St. Patrick's day.)

Anyway, we then came home and ate pizza and leprechaun slush for dinner and watched "Darby O'Gill and the Little People". I used to LOVE this show. I borrowed an old VHS tape from my mom that had a recorded version of the show on it. It was pretty funny because I remember only liking to watch the parts that had the leprechauns it it. Sure enough, as soon as the tape got to the point with the "little people" the tracking went mad. The tape was so worn and old! We got it to work somewhat and I had a great time listening to all the music I remember from my childhood. It was fun for me and the kids liked it as well. Now it's time for bed and in the next few days I'll catch up with posts from our snowmobile trip to Island Park.


LouandAngela said...

What a great celebration! I had forgotten that show. My boys would love it! I just checked to see if they have it at the library b/c now I want to rent it for them. They don't. . so I'll have to call around and see if I can find it at a video store. Thanks for reminding me of it!!

becky ward said...

I totally spaced St. Patrick's Day! Bummer.