Friday, March 02, 2007

Baby Carter

I couldn't resist posting a few baby pictures of Carter. He was such a cute baby with THE most WILD hair I have ever seen on a baby. I tell people about it, but they just don't understand (or believe me) what I am talking about until they see it for themselves.

Just a few days old. What sweet memories!

4 weeks old. His hair stood straight up like a helmut over his entire head. And the tips curled just slightly like we had used a curling iron on him. It was hilarious!! And I absolutely LOVED it.

6 weeks old and already time to give him a haircut! It was really hard for me to cut off his precious afro (sp?), but as you can see it was necessary. So we gave him a big boy cut and he's had a haircut every month of his life ever since.

My friend Jen came over to my house and cut Carter's hair. She practically had to hold my hand while she did it because I was so sad. I am sure I made her VERY nervous, but she did a great job and we only had a few tears from the big ol' lug of a 6 week old.

6 months old! Is he not a doll?!! OOOH! I just want to squeeze him!


Dawnyel said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE THE HAIR ON THAT KID! Whoa! You must have just had babies with HAIR!! (I'm just remembering when Kate was little!)
Fun memories! He's such a sweetie...

Anonymous said...

Elena are you baby hungry?

Anonymous said...

Nope, not me!! Just missing my babies that I was already pregnant with. Don't need to do that again.

Elise said...

These pictures made me laugh so hard that I actually had to wipe some tears away. Not because they are that funny looking, but because they are so stinking cute, all I can do is laugh. I love hairy babies and I think you get the prize for the harriest!!

Anonymous said...

I told you it was WILD hair. It's just something you have to see to believe! :)