Sunday, March 04, 2007

Adventures of Blast Off

While we were at Blast Off, Alyssa came running out of the toy area yelling that some kid was picking on Halle. So I walked back to the back area thinking that there was probably a "normal" kid scuffle going on. But when I arrived, Halle was SOBBING, and Carter had giant alligator tears streaming down his face too. And of course NO other kid was to be seen anywhere. I asked Halle what had happened and she said that some boy had bitten her back. I looked at her back and her shirt was sopping wet (GROSS!), and she had a HUGE bite mark in her shoulder blade. Alyssa proceeds to tell me that some rotten little boy was jumping on Carter so Halle stepped in to help and this kid held her up against the side of the ball pit, hit her and bit her. At this point I am FURIOUS and want nothing more than to find the little brat and pin his ears back. We looked around for quite a while and never found him. I told Halle that in cases like this is when she is supposed to use her karate, to which she replied, "But I'm not mean!"

Halle refused to continue playing and just sat by me and cried. She cried so bad she broke out in hives on her face. After a good 20 minutes we finally saw the kid. Of course he's the typical little "I didn't do anything wrong" looking kid, with a mother who looks even more scary. I debated whether or not to say something to the mother, but honestly fearing for the kid's well-being at his own home, decided to just confront him. I asked him why he bit Halle, and OF COURSE he says, "I didn't do it!" in the whiniest most rotten voice ever. I showed him her back and told him I knew he did it and he needed to tell her he was sorry. He refused several times until I threatened to go tell his mom. Then in a very unconvincing way said sorry under his breath. I decided to let it go at that and we went home.

Anyway, long story short, Halle didn't have much fun. Why do some people's kids act SO completly awful? I can only imagine what this soon-to-be juvenile delinquent will be like as an adult and the cycle will continue. However, I must say, I was VERY proud of my kids for standing up for one another.

Halle in the ball pit before the incident.

Alyssa in the ball pit.

This one was really cute before they moved! We had them all laying in the balls with only their heads showing, but alas, the camera lady wasn't quick enough.


Elise said...

EW!! I hate bratty kids more than anything! That kid is so lucky that you didn't really give him what he deserves. Every time I hear stories like that, I have to pat myself on the back-- I may not be the best mother in the world, but my kids don't bite other kids!!!

Dawnyel said...

I fear that one day MY kid will be that way! (I know, you can't believe that, right!?) I'm glad you talked to the KID and not the mom!
And yay for your kids standing up for each other...That's awesome!! :)